Your Partner in Building Technologies – LONG Inc.

Your Partner in Building Technologies – LONG Inc.
Electronic Security Association — July 19, 2023

“I decided to strike out on my own. I had zero money…I had no assets, only an idea and courage.” 

In the fall of 1965, Wills Long made the bold move to leave the comfort of a sales engineer position with the Trane Company to start his own business as a manufacturer’s representative of HVAC equipment – LONG Company. Armed with a small loan, the company started with humble beginnings. In fact, LONG’s very first office was in the basement of the Long’s family home in Colorado. 

LONG Building Technologies, Inc. has come a long way since then, and is now one of the largest building integrators in the Western U.S., providing products and services in Building Automation, HVAC Equipment, Mechanical Service, Security Solutions, and Parts.  

They boast hundreds of employees across eight states: Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, but are best defined by the way they treat their customers – which is the heart of their business. 


Building With Long 

Over the years, as technology has been drastically evolving, one thing has stayed certain and that is LONG’s mission to deliver innovative building solutions to positively impact every person their business touches.

Their comprehensive approach to building automation ensures all systems are integrated and talk to each other efficiently. They provide building analytics, innovative technologies, and preventative strategies that allow their customers to be proactive with their systems and make the commercial building automation smart, cost-effective, and effective. 

Whether their customers have an existing building or have a new construction project, they can trust that LONG will work with them to develop the best plan for their building automation system. LONG assess the specific needs of buildings and offer holistic solutions.  



Security Solutions 

LONG has built their security team based on the core principle that clients “call us because they want to, not because they have to.” They strive to be the most trained and most certified with the vendors they partner with and are proud to specialize in security system solutions for a wide range of commercial markets such as education, agricultural, industrial, retail, hospitals and more. 

LONG Building Technologies is one of the few security integrators that offer the ability to self-perform from the design and engineering through the entire implementation process.  

“We work with our clients to focus on the overall solution, as opposed to parts and feature sales. We are also one of the only companies in our market with dedicated security teams allowing us to focus on the security industry with dedicated security project managers, technicians, and electricians, as well as installers,” said Sarah Stoker, Talent Development Lead at LONG. 

When asked about what we can expect for the future of LONG Building Technologies, Stoker says their security teams will continue to grow, and will be heavily involved in K-12 schools and financial institutions. 


Membership With ESA  

When asked about their membership with ESA, Stoker remarked, “Not only does it gives us additional credibility with new customers, but [the ESA membership] provides great opportunities to recruit more talent and to gain additional training and knowledge for our current team members.” 

Stroker confirmed having an ESA membership is a valuable resource for everyone in the security industry that provides tools, information, and training that allows all businesses to grow. 

“Those who aren’t members lose a helpful community of integrators in the industry, where they can be supported and gain valuable assets to improve their business.” 

LONG says they plan on leveraging their ESA membership by using their training for their current employees and for recruiting more. 


We’re pleased to have LONG Building Technologies as an ESA member and look forward to the offerings they’ll bring to our network of security professionals. If you’re interested in an ESA membership, please reach out to [email protected] for more information.