The ESA Rising Leaders Professional Group is a national network that connects and cultivates rising leaders within the security industry through professional development, mentorship, events and resources.

Rising Leaders Group Members

The Rising Leaders group is focused on the following four pillars:
  • Professional Development
  • Mentorship
  • Government Relations
  • Philanthropy

ESA’s Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a structured, nine-month program connecting those looking for guidance and growth with others who have committed to sharing their experience and perspective. MORE


1. Access to industry and its leaders.
“Beyond the peer contacts I’ve made in the group the access that the Rising Leaders Group provides to industry leaders and members of ESA’s EMP group and the mentorship program is invaluable.  I have developed relationships with many executives in the industry that are more than willing to pick up my phone call and work directly with me on issues, ideas, or concepts.”

2. Gain confidence.
“Being a part of the Rising Leaders Group gave me the confidence to ask if I could hold a meeting at CAA this past year. I never would have done that without the support of the Rising Leaders.

3. A platform to test your comfort level and stretch your reach.
“ Often times within organizations there is a fear of over-stepping your bounds and working outside of your role. Environments like that do not allow people to fully grow and challenge themselves by bringing their ideas forward for fear of kickback. The Rising Leaders Group is an opportunity to test those skills and ideas in an open forum and let yourself learn what methods work and what ones don’t.”

4. Have a hand in the future of the industry.
“I have an outlet where I feel my input is heard.”

5. It’s fun!
“Involvement in the Rising Leaders Group makes the industry events that much more fun and therefore much more valuable. The engagement and interaction at events becomes much easier and therefore the information shared becomes greater.”

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As a member of this group, you will gain invaluable information, ideas and networking opportunities. Membership in this professional group is open to all rising leaders from ESA Regular Member companies.


Please contact the ESA Rising Leaders Staff Liaison.

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