Why Join An Association?

Why Join An Association?
Electronic Security Association — August 23, 2023

ESA members are some of the most successful companies in the industry – and it’s no coincidence 

Many companies join trade associations like ESA (Electronic Security Association) with the goal of receiving a specific benefit. 



Some join ESA for the exclusive National Training School Discounts on cornerstone courses and certifications. Others join for the discounts they receive from its insurance arm – Security America. Whether that be general liability, omissions and errors policies, excess and umbrella, workers comp, commercial auto, etc. However, those that take advantage of the comprehensive membership benefits associations offer – becoming more involved in the industry – are often the most successful. The information, resources, idea and best practice exchange, industry relationships, and legislative updates that trade associations offer can be major contributors to overall business success. 



One of the key benefits of joining an association is the ability to influence legislation that impacts the industry. Together, the industry can have a stronger, louder voice on Capitol Hill – and this is a necessity for the survival of businesses throughout the industry. 


Information & Resources

ESA provides e-newsletters, print magazines and informative resources to its members to keep members abreast of recent developments in the industry. 



In every industry, who you know matters and long-standing associations like ESA are filled with member companies that can be potential partners who can help your business move to the next level. Active members build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial and they provide forums for like-minded professionals to share ideas and make connections.


The facts do not lie. Over 85% of business that fail are not members of a trade association. Membership is powerful.

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