ESA Executive Management Professionals (EMP) is the leading community in the industry for individuals charged with the strategic and financial leadership of security integration organizations. The EMP group tackles issues such as company valuation, financing, business model development, mergers and acquisitions, human capital development, executive leadership and change management.

Are you a security industry executive committed to your professional and personal development? ESA Members who are energized to share strategies, business models, challenges and solutions with industry peers are welcome to apply for this idea exchange and networking group.

The EMP Group tackles issues, such as:

  • Company valuation
  • Financing
  • Business Model Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Human Capital Development
  • Executive Leadership
  • Change Management

EMP Council Members

Executive Management Professionals (EMP)

Being a member of the EMP group allows me to gain practical and useable intelligence on how to run my business better. By interacting with my fellow group members, I have trusted security-specific advisors at my disposal. Nowhere else can someone gain access to this level of specific industry expertise.

Steve Paley Rapid Security Solutions

Being a member of ESA — and the EMP group — has provided me with a group of peers to discuss industry trends and best practices with. The ability to pick up the phone and call a fellow EMP member and ask “What does your company do for ________?”, has given me exposure to better ideas than I could come up with on my own!

Dee Ann Harn RFI

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As a member of this group, you will gain invaluable information, ideas and networking opportunities. Membership in this professionals group is open to all executive management-level employees of ESA member companies.


Please contact the ESA EMP Staff Liaison.


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