ESA offers a variety of certifications for both segments of the industry: intrusion and fire. ESA certifications are true certifications that are attained by meeting a higher standard of training, required continuing education and work experience requirements.

All ESA certifications are valid for a period of 24 months once issued. Certification is maintained through attendance at industry-related continuing education activities. Maintaining ESA certifications requires certificate holders to earn 24 continuing education units/hours (CEUs) (the equivalent of 24 classroom hours) each renewal cycle.

Why Earn and Maintain an ESA Certification

Certifications provide noticeable acknowledgment of your core skills and knowledge — they validate your abilities to customers, supervisors, peers, and potential employers.

Not all certifications are equal. To distinguish yourself from your competitors, you need a certification that encourages professional growth and is recognized by the industry as the standard. ESA certifications require applicants to meet stringent training and work experience.  They are earned and continuously maintained.

Why Earn and Maintain an ESA certification?

  • Become a recognized expert in your field
  • Attain a competitive edge on your competition or within your company
  • Show your customers that you are committed to professional excellence
  • Pledge to continuously develop your skills and knowledge
  • Achieve professional and personal growth
  • Earning your CEUs for your certification will most likely help you keep your professional license
  • Keeping your certification active will prevent you from having to retake foundational courses — allowing you to focus on learning new skills



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