Codes & Standards
Codes and standards drive the electronic security and life safety industry from technology to every day applications and installations. Codes drive manufacturing processes and improvements and they direct training for code enforcement officials and installing companies. All aspects of codes and standards are designed to protect property and save lives and ESA is committed to fulfilling the purpose of standard development organizations.
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
Codes and standards impact all aspects of electronic security and life safety. ESA is extensively engaged with standard development organizations like the NFPA and has Standards and Life Safety Committee members that sit on numerous code writing technical committees. For example, ESA representatives sit on the following NFPA Technical Committees:
NFPA 5000
Building Services & Fire Protection Equipment

NFPA 170
Fire Safety and Emergency Symbols

National Electrical Code (Code-Making Panels 03 and 16)

NFPA 730/731
Premise Security

In addition, ESA representatives sit on or have applied for participation in all NFPA 72 Technical Committees, the Standards Council and the newly adopted NFPA 3000 (Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response) Provisional Standard. ESA is committed to being at the forefront of standards development and code writing processes and will always be the primary advocate for the electronic security and life safety industry.
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