Redefining Going Above and Beyond – How Mobile Communications America Makes Data a Differentiator

Redefining Going Above and Beyond – How Mobile Communications America Makes Data a Differentiator
Electronic Security Association — April 19, 2023

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed the impactful transition of the security industry and the introduction of technology as a standard in security solutions.  

Since the early 2000’s, the industry has constantly evolved, moving from conventional physical security protocols to an automated digital world. Throughout this change, security companies have been forced to adapt or get left behind and often they can lose sight of company culture, values, and customer satisfaction. To be able to go through decades of transitions in an industry and remain true to your core values can be rare, but this is where Mobile Communications America (MCA) shines through. 

Established in 1988, Mobile Communications America (MCA) offers voice, data, and security solutions that enhance the quality, safety, and productivity of customers’ operations and lives. 

Over the years, MCA has proven their unwavering commitment to a personal level of service and support, demonstrating that no matter the circumstances, their customers will always come first. 


Cultivating a Service-First Approach Mobile Communications America

The foundation of MCA revolves around service – to their employees, customers, and communities. Because of this, they have developed a long-standing reputation of providing a very high level of customer assistance that is no longer seen or offered by large corporations.  

MCA technicians weather storms to provide immediate repair services and communication hardware for downed networks; hauling anything from radio, communications and security supplies to basic human necessities to areas impacted by natural disasters. Service isn’t just a motto for MCA, it’s an integral part of who they are. 

“We’re not going to leave you hanging. We’re going to be there for you, your company and what you value. That goes all the way to the top. It’s not just our trusted advisors or service personnel, which are top rated as well. It’s every single person working together on weekends in the dead of night to make sure that when we say service-first is in our DNA, we mean it,” says Lynzie Trotter, Marketing Manager for MCA. 

More than 65,000 customers trust MCA to provide wireless communication solutions for a safe, secure, and more efficient environment. 

They collaborate with experienced engineers who analyze customer needs and designs. They optimize the best solution, deploy it on time and on budget, while ensuring it performs as specified. MCA also provides an unmatched footprint of trusted technical staff that will be there from install through the life cycle of the solution.  

Lynzie says, “I think that everyone makes it their business to have a holistic look of what’s possible through each of our divisions, but to also be specialized and being able to connect the customer with the correct solution and be able to go in that way.” 

MCA’s priority has always been to give their customers a stronger sense of safety within their communities, and they do this by providing them with state-of-the-art technical solutions and made possible through business partnerships.  


Security Advancements and Potential Future Risks 

Drew Weston, Director of National Accounts for MCA, says “Some of the solutions that we have through our wide range of partners on the security side are changing things such as AI based weapons detection, improved integrations to facilitate faster incident responses and more.” 

However, concealed weapons solutions are not the only topic of conversation in the space. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly taking over the industry, changing how companies like MCA approach and develop security solutions. With video surveillance, MCA offers AI video analytics and when it comes to access control, MCA’s solutions offer facial recognition and more. This, however, is just hitting the surface of what MCA can do.  

“Now that you’ve got artificial intelligence and things like that at the edge that’s doing a lot of information processing, you actually find other people that want access to that data.” Weston says that a lot of the focus has shifted into tracking metadata and says there is a lot more usefulness that can be gathered from that. “It’s an area of expertise, unlike a traditional integrator, that MCA has.”

Weston explains that MCA has a software engineering group and security team made up of coders, DevOps, database teams and business analysts who can go through and elicit any requirements, and essentially help use the business intelligence reporting to synthesize that data into a usable format.  

“That’s something we’ve seen a lot of interest in recently, both in the government space and the enterprise Fortune 100 space.” 

However, to have the competence to be able to synthesize that metadata and help the business figure out what value exists in it, is very specialized. Weston believes it’s a unique skill set that not a lot of people in the security industry have and can prove to be a challenge going into the future as technology progresses. “We’re going to be competing with talent from the tech industry to be able to recruit employees with those skill sets.”

Despite the challenges that may come their way, MCA looks to the future with excitement, keeping their motto and promise of “Service First DNA” on the frontline.  


Advancement Through ESA Membership 

Weston says that ESA’s continuing education courses from their National Training School have really helped their staff become more knowledgeable in different facets of the security industry.  

“We’re going to make some very large investments in increasing the skill sets of our staff, but also standardizing the skill sets of our staff to make sure that they’re all speaking the same language and using the same terminology when addressing some of these issues.”  

A huge topic of conversation throughout the industry has been an issue with talent shortage, and some have even described it as the great resignation. But both Weston and Trotter believe that in this aspect, ESA also comes to the rescue.  

“One of the things that everybody in the space knows is that we’re in a talent shortage issue. There are not enough people to do the work that’s being asked. ESA certainly helps a lot with that in terms of being able to provide people who may be new in their career or mid-career and are looking to change professions and be able to bring them up to speed.” 


Providing Safety in the Digital World Mobile Communications America

When it comes to ensuring the security and safety of their customers, MCA lives by their “Service First DNA” motto. It is at the core of the company and why they have been able to keep a proven track record of customer satisfaction.  

“We have been able to help and create a space that is so much safer than what it was five years ago” says Lynzie, emphasizing on the importance of having upgraded technology in facilities like universities, stadiums, schools and more.  

Both Trotter and Weston express their shared views on how incredible it is that technology advancement is providing a safer world and how great it feels to be a part of that with MCA.

However, in a world where digital security is increasing, a lot of customers are not aware of how to fully take advantage of these solutions, and this is where MCA comes in. “When something does happen, when there is an incident, when there is theft, when there is any issue, you’re prepared and you’re ready to take those next steps. You know what those next steps are because of these professionals that we have at MCA” says Lynzie. 

Mobile Communications America has trusted, knowledgeable advisors there with you that can help navigate any situation, which provides a fresh and unique personalized approach to security implementation.  

Placing customer safety at the top of their list has really shone through in all aspects at MCA. They continuously are looking into developing advanced solutions for communities across the nation.  

“A lot of the technologies in the history of the security industry was for the most part, forensic and reactive. Now, we’re trying to move that to near real time or even predictive to where we can start identifying some of these aggressive and potentially dangerous behaviors.” says Weston.

So, what does it mean to be service-first DNA? For MCA, its knowing what the customer needs even before they do. 


We’re pleased to have Mobile Communications America as an ESA member and look forward to the offerings they’ll bring to our network of security professionals. If you’re interested in an ESA membership, reach out to [email protected] for more information.