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Customizable ESA Member-Only Training to Fast Track New Hires


TaaS is an ESA member-only benefit program designed to train security professionals on industry knowledge, communication and safety skills. This multifaceted training solution is designed for entry level, intermediate and advanced employees.

The ESA System Technician course develops core skills for employees with 0-6 months of employment. This entry level course focuses on the education of basic communication, employability, and safety skills. TaaS electives are customizable to meet the needs your business, with options including wireless systems, troubleshooting and cabling.

The ESA Systems Specialist course is designed for employees with 6-18 months of employment. The intermediate skills developed in this course are troubleshooting, service and maintenance, digital multimeter basics, NTS technical courses and foundational industry knowledge. Electives for your business include customer service, networking, industry-related code, ethics and site survey.


TaaS is peer developed by experts in the electronic security industry making it the first program of its kind for ESA members. All courses are offered online and status reports are offered to track student progress.

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