Training as a Service (TaaS)

The Industry’s ONLY Customizable In-House Employee Onboarding and Staff Development Program

The ESA Training as a Service (TaaS) program is a customizable in-house training platform to fast-track new hires and existing employees.


NTS’ Training as a Service program features buildable curriculum covering technical training, safety skills and topical industry trends. Coursework can be customized to address your company’s unique needs.


Everything you need is in one place. All courses are offered online, with reporting features to allow supervisors to track the progress of employees. You are in the driver’s seat to train your employees without putting your business on hold.


Entry level, intermediate and advanced employees can benefit from TaaS programming — develop staff in communication and safety skills, industry knowledge that meets state licensing requirements and all levels in between.

One of today’s biggest challenges facing employers is how to find and keep employees. And with five generations making up the workforce, there is no one size fits all method of training that works any longer. Each generation has its own unique learning and communication styles and being able to adapt training to different audiences is the key to its’ success. Enter TaaS.

Benefits of TaaS

  • Help attract and retain employees
  • Customizable to your company’s unique needs
  • Convenient since all courses are offered online
  • Reporting to help track students’ progress
  • Recommended course schedule and reminders
  • Cost effective
69 Hours of Training Including:

OSHA 10 Hour, Basics of Customer Service, Certified Alarm Technician Level I, Communication Strategies, Workforce Skills

Electives customizable to your business: Cabling, Networking, Wireless Systems, Troubleshooting, Safety
Upon completion of Tier 1 students will receive
ESA Systems Technician Completion Certificate, Level I Certified Alarm Technician Certification, OSHA 10 Hour Certification

Member Price*: $750/per person

*A Member Only Benefit

Intermediate Skills | 6 – 18 Months Employment
80 Hours of Training Including:

Troubleshooting, Service and Maintenance, NTS Technical Courses, Workforce Skills

Electives customizable to your business: Conduit Bending, Networking, Codes, Wiring, Customer Service, Safety
Upon completion of Tier 2 students will receive
ESA Systems Specialist Completion Certificate, Troubleshooting, Service and Maintenance Course Completion Certificate, Additional Course Completion Certificates

Member Price*: TBD

*A Member Only Benefit

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