Meet Incoming President Jamie Vos

Meet Incoming President Jamie Vos
Jillian Bateman — July 21, 2020

Jamie Vos entered the security business in 1994 with locksmithing, when he started working for his father’s company, Bellingham Lock and Safe. Vos worked in various roles until a need became evident and he stepped up as general manager of the electronic security division. 

And he hasn’t looked back since.  

After taking the reins, Jamie and his brother, Toby, changed the name of the company to Security Solutions and grew the business from less than 15 employees to more than 60 in about a decade. The company now maintains the Bellingham Lock and Safe brand as its locksmith division, in addition to performing a variety of security and fire services for residential and commercial clients.  

It might surprise some to know that this huge growth didn’t come at the expense of culture and shared company values; if anything, it came partially because of them. 

As an individual and an employer, Vos likes to keep fun in the fabric of life. He enjoys fishing with his two daughters and spending time with his wife, Rachel, whom he has been married to for 16 years. He loves entertaining and making different foods for his guests, so to be prepared for parties, Vos says he owns at least 14 outdoor cooking appliances “ranging from a small hibachi style weber to a woodfired pizza oven.” If you have ever seen him at an ESA event, you’ve likely been greeted by his smile and a few friendly words. Vos’s amiable personality is reflected in how he leads his team. The Security Solutions office regularly holds social events and operates on shared values. 

I have an awesome team surrounding me,” says Vos. We have a set of three core values: positive attitude, willingness to learn and problem solving. Holding to those three values and hiring and terminating based on those core values has really led to a cohesive group of people that want to be at Security Solutions. We really promote and value teamwork. We try to keep it engaging and keep that team and family mentality.” 


Starting his ESA Journey 

Understanding the value of togetherness led Vos to become involved in ESA some 16 years ago. Remembering what his father had told him about associations being the best way to learn and grow a business, he first joined locally in WAESA, the state association of Washington, and quickly involved himself in the association. He joined the board not long after, at the encouragement of former ESA President and then-President of WAESA, Mike Miller.  

Vos was hesitant at first, claiming he didn’t know enough to provide any value. He says Miller encouraged him by reminding him that “the outside perspective can provide a huge amount of value,” and asking him to serve a term before continuing his path in the association. 

This turning point led to Vos’s further development as a leader in the association. He became president of WAESA, which led to his involvement at a national level. Vos recalls a conversation with Angela White, former ESA president, in which she encouraged him to become part of the Executive Committee at the national level, which he eventually did. 

Everybody has just been an amazing support to me and really worked to provide the kid the tools necessary and the information necessary to be able to step up into this role. I just hope that I can fulfill it adequately and to the level of the legacy people have left,” says Vos. 


In His Corner 

Jamie is poised to enter his term as president in a critical time for the association. With multiple past presidents supporting him, there is strong confidence that he will steer the ship with sound judgement, guided by his passion for the association and the industry. 

“The guy is just a natural. He’s been a good leader. He’s able to facilitate and get people talking, he’s got a good business background in a family operation. He knows what it’s like to start as a smaller dealer and grow a business,” says Miller. “Jamie has been good about not just giving of himself, but some of his employees give their time. He’s always been willing to share, and he will have strong leadership around him to keep him out of trouble.” 

Miller and Vos have worked together in the state association, and says that Washington takes a lot of pride in seeing Vos become president. 

The incoming president also has strong support from the current national leadership of ESA. 

“Jamie will bring new light to the association and I am excited for himHe is enthusiastic and energetic – something that ESA and its members will definitely benefit from,” says ESA President Chris Mosley. Jamie is a seasoned veteran in our industry and his experience serving on the Executive Committee is a great advantage. He will have a great team behind him and together, with Jamie’s leadership, the association will thrive. He has my support and I have no doubt that Jamie will succeed in this role.” 


Jamie’s Vision 

As I look at ESA, we have a phenomenal mission and vision. If we can stay focused and execute on that, especially through these trying times, we’re going to have a lot of fun together,” says Vos.  

Not only fun, but we’re going to do amazing things. We’re going to drive membership, we’re going to prove value, we’re going to come alongside and guide the industry. We’re going to continue to educate so that we have a better workforce out there. We’re going to grow our workforce through FAST. And how do we do that? We do that by caring and equipping our team members. 

I want to come alongside Merlin and work with the board to provide the necessary resources throughout this difficult time and, understanding that resources are limited, determine how we can allocate them in the best way for ESA to achieve its mission.