At The Tip of The Spear – Discovering the SAGE Way

At The Tip of The Spear – Discovering the SAGE Way
Jillian Bateman — January 25, 2023

The world of security solutions and technology is a complex but exciting one. In the 21st century, we have seen incredible advances in technology that are reshaping the world of integrated security and expanding the scope of what we can accomplish in exciting new ways. One company that has been diligently pursuing the broadening of technological advancements in the security industry is SAGE Integration.  

SAGE Integration is a national security integration provider serving enterprise clients from coast-to-coast, protecting their people, facilities, and reputation. SAGE was created to advance the industry, moving beyond boiler-plate solutions to deliver best-in-class solutions. The differential power of SAGE that sets it apart in the industry, is that it goes beyond installing cameras and card readers.  

John Nemerofsky, Chief Operating Officer of SAGE Integration elaborates on how SAGE brings together the resources of proven security innovators and long-term thinkers to advance a new way of building security integration.

“We have no vision of being the biggest, but we do want to continue to be one of the best providers. So, we continue to grow as a national and global provider with embedded teams in multiple cities and countries.” 


Distinguished Security Solutions 

At the very core of SAGE is an unwavering commitment to helping business owners, facility managers, CSO’s and more in managing the multi-faceted security needs of any organization or physical location. The company is built on over 30 years of security industry knowledge and five core factors which both enable and define the culture of innovation critical to putting proactive solutions in front of their clients every day.  

Their experts work across multiple industries such as commercial sites, critical utilities, healthcare facilities, biotech and higher education centers to provide industry-defining custom solutions based on unique criteria such as: site size, environment layouts, current hardware, existing security management, and ongoing maintenance. These solutions include access control, video surveillance, visitor management and embedded tech resources. 

One impressive solution that stands out is SAGE’s embedded tech resources. With embedded programs, businesses can keep their security systems in peak condition with resources like on-site system administration and maintenance by certified technicians. These measures help reduce downtime and minimize risk.

“We’ve been so successful with our embedded programs, and it shows the way we’re willing to invest with our clients ahead of the curve” says John. 

Ultimately, having an integrated security system is crucial for optimal performance and with SAGE you can learn how to balance access control, visitor management and security operation centers. So, the question remains, what else does SAGE explore outside of traditional security solutions? 


Innovation For a Better World 

The security industry is constantly transforming, responding to new challenges and modern technologies year after year. Therefore, testing new and emerging technologies for future implementation is essential to the SAGE Way. “Our work is about bringing together the best and most reliable advancements to protect your people, facilities, and reputation.” says John. 

The driving force and mission behind SAGE is to protect the people, so it comes as no surprise that the company has decided to provide their clients with recent technology like AccuWeather Professional and Evolv, all with the purpose of fostering safer communities. 

AccuWeather Professional is essential in keeping employees and facilities safe. AccuWeather helps by integrating real-time advanced weather forecasting into the security system, actionable insights increase safety, minimize risk, and drive system-wide efficiencies. “AccuWeather is a tool for an Integrator to resell into their clients where they have global operation centers or security operations centers help monitor the weather to keep employees safe.” 

Lastly, the goal with Evolv is to create weapon-free zones. When enterprise-level clients need devices in their buildings or venues that can scan for weapons, elevated body temperatures, or concealed items, accuracy and speed are paramount. That is where Evolv steps in. “When you think about stadiums or large corporate locations or distribution centers, workplace violence is the number one concern. This is detecting you have a weapon so security can stop you before you come in the facility. We emphasize the importance of deter versus detect.”  

As for the future, John adds “We are in the process of deploying some robotics now for client sites at some of their smaller locations where they do not have a receptionist or somebody to receive a package. We are using robotics for that.” 


Membership With ESA 

When asked about what security professionals miss out on from not having an ESA membership, John says “They lose the network. They lose the ability to have that tribal knowledge around certifications. They lose the ability from the education that you can receive both from a leadership standpoint, operational standpoint, and technology standpoint. SAGE Integration is a proud member of The Electronic Security Association and has used their membership benefits for “training, certification, advocacy and being a liaison to the government, and networking.” 

John says that one of the things he sees the industry needs more of is a diversified, younger workforce and believes ESA is taking the lead in that area.  

“ESA starts programs like FAST (Foundation for Advancing Security Talent) and events like ESX (Electronic Security Expo) and this helps to bring a more diversified, younger workforce into the security industry. No individual integrator or dealer could do that, and I think that’s one of the ways they really fill the gap.” 


Long Lasting Commitment  

At SAGE you will often hear the phrase “At the tip of the spear.” While many security companies just focus on the “shield” portion of business, SAGE recognizes that in today’s fast-moving environment, you need people advancing your interests, not just protecting your assets. 

The tip of the spear is the point where SAGE’s team leaders pierce through the noise of quick fixes and unstable solutions, to bring clients laser-focused integration. SAGE Integration is now in 35+ major U.S. Metro areas with active implementations, has over 19 thousand installer specialists across North America and holds over 30 years of executive security industry experience. From access control to surveillance, to the best safety-forward technology, SAGE is committed in the business of security for what matters most – your people. 

We’re pleased to have SAGE Integration as an ESA member and look forward to the offerings they’ll bring to our network of security professionals. If you’re interested in ESA membership each out to [email protected] for more information.