NTS Offering Discount on Networking Courses

NTS Offering Discount on Networking Courses
ESA Communications — December 3, 2019

ESA’s National Training School is offering discounted pricing on its new networking courses through the month of December.

These seven new courses teach the fundamentals of networking, all the way from basics and protocols to administration and troubleshooting. Integrators and installers who take these courses will achieve familiarity with wired and wireless hardware, networking operating systems and network protocols so they can excel on the job in an increasingly networked device ecosystem.

The following networking courses are available online at 15% off through the month of December with the promo code DEC19NETWORK applied at checkout:

These courses have gained approval in select states for CEU credit toward maintaining licensing requirements.

To see all courses available from NTS, visit courses.esaweb.org, where you can search by state, browse available certifications and find the latest available courses for advancing your career or empowering your employees.

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