Kevin Stone Leads ESA’s Finance Committee

Kevin Stone Leads ESA’s Finance Committee
Jillian Bateman — September 7, 2022

Kevin Stone, CEO of Doyle Security Systems in Rochester, NY, who has recently been appointed as Treasurer on the Electronic Security Association’s Board of Directors, additionally becomes the Chair of ESA’s Finance Committee.  

The Electronic Security Association’s Finance Committee meets quarterly and oversees the finances and investment portfolio of the association. It is also responsible for reviewing the annual operating budget, supporting internal controls compliance, and approving the independent auditor’s report.

ESA welcomes Stone to this vital position amongst its volunteer leaders! 


Stone’s Goals for the Finance Committee 

“First of all, ESA is in tremendous shape already. Coming out of the pandemic I was a little concerned about what the finances might look like, and what I found was that ESA is a very healthy organization that’s already in a great position.” says Kevin Stone, Chair of ESA’s Finance Committee 

“My ultimate goal is to make things even better. Anything we can do to increase ESA membership is very good for the industry and obviously a lot of our revenue comes from there so that’s important.” Stone continues.

There’s been a lot of great work that’s been done on behalf of ESA over the years from many different volunteers and I just want to keep that momentum going and build upon it and help the team any way I can.”


Why the Finance Committee is Important 

The Finance Committee provides governance for ESA’s investment programs, and with their industry expertise, they bring ideas to build the Association’s revenue to become more financially stable. 

“Additionally, there are finances associated with the Electronic Security Expo (ESX).” Stone continues, “We build a budget for what’s it going to cost to put ESX on and we want to make sure that we adhere to that budget and in fact try to beat those numbers to any extent that we can.” 

“ESA’s programs and services are vital to the industry.” explains Stone, “For example, The Security America insurance program is really important and just a great benefit to the industry,” he continues.


The Committee Welcomes New Exciting Members 

The Finance Committee is a very dynamic group of security professionals, and they have recently selected a few new members. 

“Some new members we added include Jennifer Holloway from CIBC Bank, she obviously brings a lot of knowledge about the alarm industry from a financial perspective, so I think she’s going to be a great addition.” says Stone.

“We added Brian Duffy, he’s got a tremendous company out in the Midwest called Per Mar Security. They do a wonderful job and he’s an up-and-coming superstar in this industry and I think he’s going to help us out and have a lot of really great feedback.” Stone continues 

“I’m really looking forward to working with them and I’m sure we’re going to do some great work together.” 

Here is the Full List of Finance Committee Members: 

Kevin Stone – Committee Chairman 2022-2024
Brian Duffy – Committee Member 2022-2024
Jennifer Holloway – Committee Member 2022-2024
Jamie Vos – Committee Member 2022-2024
John Loud – Board Liaison 2022-2024
Merlin Guilbeau – Committee Ex Officio

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