Meet Incoming ESA Chairman John Loud

Meet Incoming ESA Chairman John Loud
Electronic Security Association — August 9, 2022

John Loud, president of LOUD Security Systems in Georgia, did not begin his career anywhere close to the electronic security industry. His journey began with a degree in political science, after which he was a flight attendant in training to be a pilot. Then a chance encounter led him to start a business in the electronic security industry. And he hasn’t looked back since. 

From asking industry colleagues for advice to getting involved in the community, Loud has made networking a priority throughout his career. This focus has revealed itself in his company as well, according to Loud. Since it was founded in 1995, LOUD Security has grown to employ 60 people and serves more than ten thousand customers across the United States – a level of growth that Loud attributes to being community-oriented, volunteering, and the company’s distinctive premise: To combine Today’s Technology with Old Fashioned Service for every customer it touches. 

One of the ways Loud implements this “Old Fashioned Service” is by having his cell phone number available on his website. “I would much rather hear somebody’s got a billing issue, an equipment issue, or a personal issue with somebody on our team, before they go and cancel and move on to another provider.” says Loud “And who knows, it may give me insight to be able to better serve that customer or find that I have a problem with one of the folks on my team. Remember, in our industry, we are all dealing with human beings and technology” 


The Real “R&D” 

“One of my big beliefs in life is all about R&D,” says Loud. “R&D is not research and development – it’s about rip off and duplicate.” 

He learned what kind of monitoring agreements companies were using, what kind of pricing structures were common and other best practices by paying close attention to their sales pitches. 

“It was kind of a shared best practices, if you will. It’s become a philosophy for me today; just as I’ve been able to glean a lot of insight from many companies, I’ve been a facilitator to help many other companies learn … and to get companies together to help learn from each other,” says Loud. 

It was through this experience that Loud first started to realize his passion for collaboration and communication between companies in the industry. He attributes much of the success of his business today to the encounters with friendly professionals he had at the association’s trade show, ESX.  

“It’s not about being able to do it on your own; it’s being able to get together with other like-minded folks,” says Loud. “At that show was the transformation: to be able to seek the guidance from other professionals within our [industry] to open my eyes to different insights or opportunities.”

Anybody that knows Loud knows he values fun. Whatever he does, whether it is volunteering in the community or in the Association, he makes sure there is some fun involved. He believes that when you follow things that you are passionate about, inside, or outside of your work-life; joy and opportunities are downstream from that. He enjoys travel, sports, and spending time with his two children, a 25-year-old son, a 22-year-old daughter. You could also probably find him and his loved ones at little 700-square-foot floating Lake cabin most Summer days!



In His Corner 

Loud is entering his term as Chairman in a critical time for the association. With past Chairmen supporting him, there is strong confidence that he will steer the ship with sound judgement, guided by his passion for the association and the industry. 

I am looking forward to serving under Loud’s leadership.” says Jamie Vos, President of Security Solutions and ESA Chairman from 2020 – 2022. “His energy and enthusiasm for ESA and its members is contagious. I have known John for years and the passion and commitment he puts into every role he plays is unparalleled. I know this role will be no different and in fact from what I’ve already seen I believe his vision will push the industry and the association forward to new heights.”  

The incoming Chairman also has strong support from the CEO of the association, Merlin Guilbeau 

“If you know John Loud then you know the enthusiasm and energy he will bring as Chairman of ESA. John is a seasoned industry veteran with valuable experience and insight from his prior career with Delta Airlines. With John’s leadership and the support of a highly engaged board of directors, ESA is well positioned for the future.” 

Agnes Murner at Loud Security has worked with Loud for over 20 years and had the following to say about his new position in the Association. 


“John puts his heart into everything he does. He will listen to anybody, their ideas, their struggles. He wants to hear and support people. He has a heart of service and dedication that is special. I know he will do a fantastic job as ESA’s Chairman because he gives everything one hundred percent” 


Loud’s Vision 

Loud’s interactions with industry veterans while he was starting his company have inspired him to continue this tradition of helping others. He believes in the importance of sharing best practices – or, as he calls it, R&D – so that the industry rises together in the face of shared challenges.

“I want to invite everybody to have a seat at the table. I want to see more integrators and managers from companies involved. I encourage everyone to get engaged with ESA, because I think we need to face and accept that there is no “New Normal. We as an industry should look to ESA as a partner for defining and navigating through these ever-presenting, unsettling situations. This is the association that can connect you with folks so that you don’t have to create solutions from scratch or find a way on your own. We have a place for so many of our different committees that would love to get you involved and get your insight so we can grow stronger and better along the way.”