SIAC Reacts to Fast-Changing Leadership in Law Enforcement

SIAC Reacts to Fast-Changing Leadership in Law Enforcement
Jillian Bateman — July 6, 2022

SIAC is observing the news media reporting on a dramatic change in leadership in the law enforcement profession. According to CNN, “police chiefs in the largest cities across the county are leaving at an alarming rate.” 

Since 2000, more than 30 percent of police chiefs who are members of the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) have retired, resigned, or been fired. CNN quotes MCCA Executive Director Laura Cooper as predicting even more have indicated that they have every intention of retiring in early 2022. We’re talking about nearly half our membership. 

These rapid changes in law enforcement leadership are occurring throughout the nation’s approximately 18,000 public safety agencies. They pose a significant challenge to our industry and to the millions of individuals, businesses, and families that we protect.   

The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) has spent years developing close working relationships with public safety organizations such as the MCCA, International Association of Chiefs of Police, the National Sheriffs’ Association, and state police associations.  

SIAC builds these relationships by meeting in person with chiefs at association meetings and serving on committees. These efforts have included major wins such as an endorsement of the Model Alarm Ordinance by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the creation of alarm management committees at the local level. 

The relationship building is a grassroots effort as we work in a positive manner with organization leaders and those who are moving up in the organization to future positions of leadership in law enforcement. The high turnover rate among chiefs and demands for change in police strategies makes this work even more challenging and important. It is always better to play a positive role in creating a community’s alarm ordinance than to have to oppose an ordinance being promoted by a local agency or politicians.   

The next generation of police leaders is likely to be even more attuned to the challenges and opportunities afforded by technology. It is vital that the industry have a voice as ordinances are changed to reflect advances in alarm technology and policies are adopted on issues such as ASAP to PSAP.   

Our goal is to have SIAC, as well as state alarm associations, be the credible resource public safety agencies turn to for additional information about alarm issues. Because there is such an extraordinarily high turnover of public safety leadership today, it is more important than ever that the entire industry support these efforts.   

SIAC represents one voice for the electronic security industry on alarm management issues –communicating solutions and enhancing relationships with law enforcement.  SIAC is comprised of four major North American security associations–Canadian Security Association (CANASA), Security Industry Association (SIA), The Monitoring Association (TMA), and the Electronic Security Association (ESA). For more information, go to ,, or follow us on 

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