Save 15% on Video System Technologies Course Through May

Save 15% on Video System Technologies Course Through May
Electronic Security Association — April 22, 2024

​​Save 15% on Video System Technologies Course through May here. 

ESA’s VST Course is specifically designed for technicians focused on installing or servicing video systems, covering methods and equipment including digital cameras, coaxial cabling, user interfaces, networking considerations, system design, and video storage options. This is the CCTV installation certificate every installer should earn to gain an understanding of how to properly and professionally install a security camera system.

Over the summer of 2023, ESA’s National Training School collaborated with a team of respected industry professionals to update the ESA National Training School Video System Technologies education program. With technology constantly evolving in all industries, including within our own, ESA felt it was time to refresh the course training content. 

ESA’s courses are designed to help electronic security and life safety professionals advance in easily accessible and robust ways. With a focus on real-world training, skills learned can be immediately put to use in the workplace.

​​Save 15% on ESA‘s Video System Technology Course

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