Welcome Our Newest February Integrator Members of 2024

Welcome Our Newest February Integrator Members of 2024
Electronic Security Association — February 29, 2024

This month we have had 38 new integrator members join the association! 

Here are all the new Integrators that have joined ESA in February. Welcome to the ESA Community!

Many electronic security and life safety integrator members join ESA for a specific purpose: to save by leveraging increased purchasing power, to network, to gain access to industry-specific sales coaching or better rates on insurance policies, to exchange ideas and best practices, etc.

Once they join, they find the association holds many more opportunities to dive into. ESA Membership Benefits are customized to powerfully impact small, medium and large businesses.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of having an ESA membership can have on your business, click the link below
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Here are all the new Integrators that have joined ESA in February:

Steadfast Security, TN
Capitol Technology Group, TX
 Tri-Power Fire & Security, NY
Lone Star Pros LLC, TX
LenelS2, NY
 Noviam Systems LLC, NV
Overwatch Security Advisors, AL
Black Fortress LLC, IA
 MCG Holdings, LLC dba MCG Design Services, OR
Luminys System Corp, CA
Armored Alarm, NY
Cornerstone Fire & Safety Management, GA
 FieldHub Inc, DE
 Alarm Consulting Group Inc, NC
 Gojatech, TX
 Tanglewood ATX LLC, TX
 Shepherd Communication and Security, NY
Schneider Electric, NC
 Lighthouse Integrations LLC, MO
ICN Communications Inc, NY
 Boot Automation LLC, LA
 Rev.io, GA
Cobalt Service Partners, NY
Nexus, TX
The Art Institute of Chicago, IL
Cennox, OK
 Absolute Protection, TX
Hi Tech Electro Design, CA
First Guard LLC, NJ
Premier Safety LLC, MS
 Smart Touch Technology LLC, FL
J Hubner LLC, NY
 Rigid Security, NY
 Security Dash LLC, NE
Guardian Alarm, MI
A to Z Alarms LLC, NY
 Fireside Security, CA
 KOL Systems Inc, MS


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