As Fuel Prices Surge, ESA Membership Offers Relief for Integrators, Dealers

As Fuel Prices Surge, ESA Membership Offers Relief for Integrators, Dealers
Jillian Bateman — March 22, 2022

Gas prices are soaring across the nation and when the increase will stop remains unclear. If you need help managing higher gas prices, there are ways to save through our Membership Savings Program.

Membership is as powerful as you make it. While many companies utilize ESA Membership for one or two benefits, like discounts on training and industry-specific insurance policies — some companies are leveraging their membership on fuel and savings on other common business purchases. 


“The ESA Member Savings Program provides our members the opportunity to recover their annual dues,” says director of membership, Sophia Dominguez. “It often times adds thousands of dollars back into their annual budgets — and provides their employees with a perks program. 

The program is focused on maximizing purchasing power and collective cost savings on everyday business expenses. ESA’s national account pricing has allowed members to save thousands on products and services they already buy. Members save by leveraging this buying power of a collective group. 



Last year, ESA Members saved nearly $100,000 on fuel alone, with Circle K, Exxon/Mobile, Phillips 66, Conoco, Shell, Stripes and Sunoco.

Members purchase from suppliers as they normally would, but being a part of a large group provides them national account pricing and additional value-added services. 

Download the ESA Member Savings Case Study below to discover how companies like yours are leveraging their membership to save. 

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