Meet ESA’s Membership Campaign Volunteers!

Meet ESA’s Membership Campaign Volunteers!
Jillian Bateman — January 25, 2023

ESA’s Membership Campaign Volunteers consists of twenty-one security industry leaders who have committed to spearheading record-setting membership engagement for ESA in 2023.   

ESA is celebrating their 75th year of being an instrumental organization in the electronic and life safety industry and will be giving away raffle prizes, cash and for volunteers who raise $15,000 in campaign credits or more – an all-inclusive four-night Caribbean vacation in September 2023. At the end of the contest, prices are awarded based on the level achieved in total throughout the campaign. 

During the contest, volunteers will work with ESA to earn campaign credits by selling integrator memberships, associate memberships, ESX Executive and Deluxe registrations, ESA print and web advertising.  

The goal of the campaign is to inform non-members of ESA’s member benefits and how utilizing ESA’s industry-specific programs can help businesses save money on certification & training, liability insurance, and business expenditures such as fuel, tools, and equipment – just to name a few.  

March 7th is the first turn in deadline for volunteers and the first leaderboard announcements will be held March 10th. The driving-force behind the membership campaign is led by John Loud of LOUD Security Systems, Merlin Guilbeau and Jillian Bateman-Macintosh of ESA.  

“I am so grateful and appreciative that these ESA Members have risen to volunteer to elevate ESA and share our mission with so many more companies across our nation.  This is such a great way to celebrate our ESA 75th Anniversary.  More companies engaged with our industry association makes us all stronger. These are high caliber individual volunteers representing the top elite companies and ESA members” says John Loud.

If you want to become an ESA Membership Campaign Volunteer, sign the commitment form here: 

The group of volunteers includes: 

  1. Ben Murray of Affiliated Monitoring 
  2. Bob Ricucci of Advanced Security Technologies 
  3. Cameron Fleck of NewVision Security 
  4. Dean Belisle of Digital Monitoring Products 
  5. Dee Ann Harn of RFI 
  6. George DeMarco of DECO Ventures and ESX Chairman 
  7. Jake Voll of SS&Si Dealer Network 
  8. Jason Lutz of Resideo 
  9. Jeremy Bates of Bates Security
  10. John Loud of LOUD Security Systems 
  11. John Nemerofsky of SAGE Integration 
  12. Kevin Stone of Doyle Security Systems 
  13. Kirk MacDowell of MacGuard Security Advisers 
  14. Mark Hillenburg of Digital Monitoring Products 
  15. Mark Matlock of National Monitoring Center
  16. Melissa Brinkman of Custom Alarm 
  17. Merlin Guilbeau of ESA 
  18. Michael Barnes of Barnes Associates 
  19. Mike Miller of Moon Security 
  20. Rick Seymour of Guardian Hawk Security
  21. Quentin Gunther of Resideo