ESA at the Turn of a Decade

ESA at the Turn of a Decade
Merlin Guilbeau — January 22, 2020

ESA staff was busy during 2019 building new benefits and improving the services we provide to give our nationwide members powerful tools for success. Your success has always been ours – and in 2019 there was much to report.

In 2019, ESA members made a strong showing on the SDM 100 list. You used your voice to influence impactful legislation and banded together at events across the country to share knowledge and grow your businesses.

We take great pride in knowing that many of our members are recognized as leaders in the industry, and we are proud to serve them and connect them with other companies for knowledge-sharing. A testament to our members’ success is the fact that 70 of the top SDM 100 companies in 2019 were ESA members, as well as nine of the top ten on the list. Four out of five of SDM’s Top Systems Integrators were also ESA members.

On the legislative front, ESA tracked 922 state legislative bills and 85 federal bills in 2019. We provided weekly updates 48 weeks out of the year to keep members up to date on moving legislation and regulations. Armed with this knowledge, ESA members made 80 congressional office visits across the country to discuss workforce development issues. ESA also provided input directly to the White House Domestic Policy Advisory Council.

At events, our members shared best practices, made new connections and enjoyed the friendships between passionate professionals that make our industry unique. This sense of camaraderie in pursuit of the common goal of keeping people safe was inspiring.

ESA’s National Training School trained nearly 7,000 industry professionals, garnered even more approvals by AHJs throughout the nation and recently launched its new Training as a Service (TaaS) program. I have heard positive feedback from participants, who appreciated the program’s flexibility and the concierge support received from training specialists throughout the process of training their new employees. Here’s to 2020 and all it holds for our industry.

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