ESA Announces 2024 Membership Campaign Call for Volunteers

ESA Announces 2024 Membership Campaign Call for Volunteers
Electronic Security Association — November 9, 2023

ESA is excited to announce its 2024 Membership Campaign– and wants YOU to join the effort as a volunteer. This is the second year ESA runs the campaign, providing another opportunity for members to engage with the association and play a part in strengthening the industry.  

What do you stand to gain as a volunteer? For one, of course, the joy of knowing you’re contributing to the growth of the industry. For another, there are networking opportunities and prizes to be had for YOU, including raffle prizes, gift cards, and even a grand prize of an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation for two for anyone who raises $15,000 or more in campaign credits. Last year’s winners got to spend an amazing 4 days in the Dominican Republic with other industry pros and ESA leaders. That could be you next year! 

“ESA’s membership campaign is a powerful opportunity that allows you to give back to the association that does so much for our industry. Plus, it’s an exciting chance to network with other industry pros and win fun prizes!” –John Loud, ESA Chairman 

So, before you get started, there are a few campaign rules you should know:  

  • All credits will be based on NEW purchases, such as passes for ESX 2024– not for past events, such as ESX 2023. 
  • Campaign volunteers cannot claim credits for membership, advertising, or sponsorships from his/her own company, unless they’re upgrading from a current level.  
  • Credits are applied once full payment is made. 

ESA will be hosting a Membership Campaign 101 Training Session to review the program in more depth as well as to explain the volunteers’ roles on December 1, at 1:00 CST. If you think volunteering for the Campaign sounds like a meaningful opportunity– or even if it just sounds like fun and you want a chance at the Caribbean getaway– register for the training session here 

To learn more about the campaign or to apply to be a volunteer, fill out a Commitment Form on ESA’s website.