The ESA Mentorship Program and How it Works

The ESA Mentorship Program and How it Works
Posted: Nov 2, 2017
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The ESA Mentorship Program is built on trust, collaboration and commitment. It provides the opportunity for both parties to learn from each other — and can be your competitive edge.

According to a survey by the American Society for Training and Development, 75% of private sector executives said that mentoring had been critical in helping them reach their current position.

Mentorship is an extremely valuable endeavor. Some of the most prominent people in our industry — or any industry for that matter — can attest to at least one person who helped them get to where they are today.

“My mentor made me feel like someone had my back,” said mentee, Mistina Franklin of ESA’s Mentorship Program, Class of 2017. “When I had that phone call at the end of the day, he helped guide me through some of issues I was facing.”
As the national trade association for the electronic security and life safety industry, we are in an important position to connect and facilitate these relationships to help transform and grow our member companies.
The ESA Mentorship Program is looking for those willing to take a bet on an individual and provide meaningful opportunities for growth. We are also looking for those willing to be challenged to think outside the box, in order to succeed in this ever-changing industry.
So, are you looking for guidance? Growth? Can you be the difference in the development of a rising leader in our industry? Are you willing to impart wisdom and share your experiences and perspectives with industry newcomers? Do you meet the criteria below? If so, invest in your professional development by applying to join ESA’s Mentorship Program, Class of 2018. 

Commitment to the ESA Code of Ethics
As a mentee of the ESA Mentorship Program, you are a representative of an ESA Member company that has acknowledged the importance of investing in your personal development. The ESA Code of Ethics encourages member companies, and their representatives, to invest in training and participate in programs that will allow them to better serve the public with high quality products/services that help protect lives and property.
Ability to Clearly State Personal Objectives for the Program
The quote, “You only get out what you put into it” is relevant to participating in this program. In order to reap the benefits of growth, development and networking, you must invest in yourself. Establish personal objectives for yourself during this year-long program and make these objectives known to your mentor. These objectives will help you to measure your success and progress toward your goals.
Determination to Achieve Specific Developmental Goals
With clearly defined objectives, the mentee/mentor pairing can effectively outline a path to achieving larger developmental goals; whether personal or professional. These goals represent your aspirations for yourself, your business, and the industry at large.  
Ability to Accept Balanced Feedback during the Program
As a Mentee of the Mentorship Program, you will be matched with a mentor from another ESA member company based on your developmental goals and areas of interest that you select on your application form. These mentors have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience that can offer you guidance through your advancement in the industry. 

Willingness to Share Information and Perspective — Including Valuable Lessons Learned
As a mentor of the Mentorship Program you are the industry veteran and expert available to assist, guide and be a resource to your mentee. It is important to share with them your highs and lows, and provide them with tools to do better and be better.
Commitment to the ESA Code of Ethics and positive leadership behaviors
As a representative of an ESA Member company you too are committed to the personal development of yourself and others in the industry. At the end of the day our main goal is to see our industry thrive, and in order to do that, we must want our businesses and company representatives to thrive in every area possible.  
Ability to Give Balanced Feedback
As mentors it is your position to build up your mentee by giving them constructive criticism when needed, while also remembering to give them kudos and accolades when appropriate. Also, as a mentor you too can gain from this relationship. The Mentorship Program is a two-way street that provides value to the mentee and you the mentor as well.

If you are interested in participating in this year’s Mentorship Program, and you believe you meet the desired traits of a mentee or mentor listed above, apply for the Class of 2018 now. Visit www.ESAweb.org/Mentorship to apply. We’re now accepting applications — though available space in the program will be limited. If your heart’s in it and you’re ready for the challenge — it is an extremely valuable experience.



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