A Perfect Pair: Security America’s New Workers Comp Policy

A Perfect Pair: Security America’s New Workers Comp Policy
Posted: Oct 3, 2018
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When seeking out workers comp markets for the Security America program, we had to really dig deep and evaluate what made each program unique. We wanted a partner who was willing to understand the unique nature of the security industry. We wanted a partner who would be an advocate for the association on a state and national level. We wanted a partner that added value. But mostly, we wanted a partner who would be flexible and nimble, with an ability to change over time as we provide feedback on what you, alarm professionals, need to adequately insure your business.

We have found our partner in business through AmTrust. Not only is AmTrust the third largest workers comp company in the nation, but they are a collaborative partner. We have worked with them diligently over the past 12 months to bring something we feel provides more than just insurance.

Just a few things you should consider when thinking about coming to Security America for workers comp:

AmTrust is a Partner that Believes in ESA

Just as we do on the Security America GL/PL program, AmTrust believes that membership through the state and national Electronic Security Associations is greatly beneficial to your business. Although membership is not required in order to purchase coverage, members save an average of 15% over nonmembers on Security America policies.

AmTrust is a Partner that Provides Value-Add Services

When developing the workers comp program for Security America, AmTrust offered unique services that are available to very few in the industry. One service they offer is their Blue Line Service (BLS). The BLS is a program where you and your questions are given priority. Through this, technology is leveraged to ensure we are able to provide the highest level of service to our insureds.

In addition, the Claims Account Management Program (CAM) enhances a customer’s experience with claims. The Claims team is designed to give clients a greater understanding of the claims management process and a more collaborative experience. As an insured under the new workers comp program, you have access to these unique services. So even with the third largest workers comp carrier, you get personal and professional service on a one-on-one basis when you have a claim.

AmTrust is a Collaborative Partner

In the initial development of the program, AmTrust worked to gain an understanding of not only the unique nature of the security and life safety industry itself, but to gain an understanding of the struggles and hot buttons affiliated with your workers comp insurance.

They worked with us on developing a program and a process that fits the high standards we hold for our insurance partners. More than that though, they consistently are willing to listen to feedback about what we and you, our insureds, need.

We are proud to call AmTrust a collaborative partner who finds value in our association and provides value added features unique to Security America.

Call Rhett Butler, Glenn Matias or Crystal Jacobs today to get your no-obligation quote for workers comp at 866-315-3838. 



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