What to Watch for in 2020

What to Watch for in 2020
Chris Mosley — January 2, 2020

The industry’s evolution will continue in new ways in 2020, but we will continue facing many of the same challenges we have faced for years as electronic security professionals.

The biggest new changes will come from legislation, advanced automation and the growing demand for cybersecurity. Some threats will emerge from changes in these areas, but some fantastic opportunities will arise alongside them.

Legislation continues to paint privacy as an individual’s right, shifting the burden of protecting consumers onto businesses. At the same time, advanced automation makes the cycles of technological change more rapid because new software can be deployed more quickly than hardware. Because of this, cybersecurity will continue to grow in importance for any device with wireless or internet connectivity.

At the same time, the same old threats will continue raging; talent retention, DIY competitors and a hot streak of mergers and acquisitions.

The pace of change and variety of threats might be blinding this year, but through consistent study on trends and well-maintained connections with other business owners, our industry can thrive despite these challenges. By taking the right steps, savvy professionals can turn these threats into opportunities to wow customers through holistic security solutions.

I believe one strong tool for flipping these threats is an ESA membership. Our Association offers customizable onboarding training and continued education through its National Training School, provides many avenues for connecting with other industry professionals, gives business owners industry-specific updates on legislation and offers discounts on Security America insurance plans, through which businesses can elect to cover cybersecurity incidents.

No matter what threats the industry might face this year, ESA is committed to supporting the success of its members.