Turn Up Your Video Surveillance Offering with IP Audio!

Turn Up Your Video Surveillance Offering with IP Audio!
Jillian Bateman — August 7, 2019

“Testing 1, 2, 3!” You might have heard that IP audio is far beyond the testing stage – it’s now one of the newest members of the IP family.

The world’s first IP camera entered the video surveillance market in 1996, and IP audio is just getting started.

No longer are audio systems clunky with equipment, hard to install or a headache to operate and maintain. Today’s IP audio solutions are flexible, scalable and easy to manage. Best of all, they easily integrate into IP video surveillance systems with a single standard network cable.

Turn up your video surveillance offering with IP audio to provide customers with the attractive benefits of audio: ultimate proactive security, seamless and targeted public address, and instore advertising in conjunction with background music.

Ultimate Proactive Security

Audio is extremely effective in deterring unwanted activity, making it the perfect addition to any video surveillance solution. Verbal warnings confirm to an intruder that they’re being watched, so oftentimes further security measures aren’t necessary.

If your customers have active operators watching their business, they can deliver live callouts in real time. For an automated solution, analytics can determine when to deliver a pre-recorded callout. Both options elevate security to help prevent situations from escalating at any business.

Seamless and Targeted Public Address

Public announcements shouldn’t be complicated. IP audio solutions make it effortless to deliver any type of message, such as marketing promotions, regular updates or emergency warnings.

Your customers can make live announcements calling someone to a specific area or they can program scheduled announcements throughout the day. A selling point to IP audio solutions is the ability to make broadcasts in single or multiple zones – fully targeting a message to a specific audience.

Instore Advertising in Conjunction with Background Music

Background music is essential to create the perfect atmosphere in any environment. IP audio solutions provide easier management of volume, locations and scheduling of music. Your customers can even combine it with scheduled and live announcements for the best customer experience.

For example, added analytics can detect someone entering a certain area of a store and trigger a specific advertising announcement to play while the music mutes.

IP audio is a smart upsell to any video surveillance solution. In addition to the added security, audio solutions offer a variety of enhancements to day-to-day operations – saving your customers valuable time and resources. This is especially true when utilizing analytics through the IP system.

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