How Much Untapped RMR is Already in Your Book of Business?

How Much Untapped RMR is Already in Your Book of Business?
Jillian Bateman — November 30, 2023

Untapped RMR

Have you considered adding emergency elevator phone monitoring to your service offerings? Maybe you’re monitoring elevator phones already. But losing the communications path revenue to large telecom providers. Think about this – every elevator across your customers’ portfolios is untapped RMR.

The recent FCC order giving permission for telecom giants to phase out analog lines will have large ripple effects throughout the communications industry. Especially effecting elevator communications. The elevator industry is years behind in adopting new technologies. So much so that we estimate roughly 90% of elevator phones in the US are still connected to POTS lines. Why is this? Simply put, elevator companies don’t want to hassle with phones because they are mechanics, not telephony experts.

Driving RMR

This creates a massive market opportunity for companies like yours that have monitoring experience and the ambition to drive RMR through innovative technologies. Traditionally, elevator phones have required dedicated lines, limiting the revenue potential to just monitoring, while the telcos monopolize dial tone revenue. The advancement of cellular technology, paired with the phasing out of analog, makes bringing dial tone into elevators easier and more profitable than ever.

Customers need a phone line replacement strategy for their elevators. Become a Kings III Dealer and be that strategy. At Kings III, we’re your elevator phone experts, leading the way with our 4G-LTE Elevator Connect 1000, an A17.1 code compliant cellular communicator that brings dial tone to any existing elevator phone.