Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent
Jillian Bateman — May 24, 2021

By Jamie Vos

Do you ever end your day looking back wondering where the time went and what exactly you accomplished during that dayWith so many tasks and priorities pulling us in so many directions, our days can turn into a whirlwind of blurry thoughts and end-of-day chaos. 

While it is difficult to determine where to dedicate our time to ensure needed outcomes, one thing is certain, by adding the reading of Security Nation to your bi-monthly to-do list, you will find exclusive and applicable information, data, thought leadership and more that will take your business to the next level. This is time well spent. 


Security Nation Magazine


Included in this issue is ESA’s 2021 Product Guide on page 30. Designed to save time searching for the newest electronic security products and services — which can take hours and hours of research on the Internet — this carefully curated collection contains well-crafted technologies that are shaping the industry. The guide helps you deliver value to your customers, empowering you to stay ahead of the competition and grow your company. 

Playing off our product guide’s theme of new products and services are some unique uses for residential perimeter security solutions (p. 23). Also, “resimercial, a newer trend that started in the audio/visual (AV) industry, is now making its way into our industry, and is explored on page 61. Both articles are time well spent to learn current trends and how to use them to expand your business by offering what end user customers are demanding so that you and your company become the fulfillment of their wants/needs.  

Being able to depend on quality information about the hottest topics in the industry is also time well spent. Allot time to dedicate to the topics that will help you and your business the most. You can depend on each issue of Security Nation to cover the following topics (listed first) by highlighting relevant, valuable, industry-specific tidbits (listed after the hyphen) within each: training – mentoring and coaching (p. 10), government – grassroots advocacy (p. 13), insurance – contracts and procedures (p. 14), sales – efficiency standards (p. 69) and small business – cybersecurity (p. 72).  

Learning from other ESA members … this, too, is time well spent as our members eagerly and genuinely share their ups and downs in hopes of helping others and for the betterment of our industry. Learn about webeyeCMS Corp (p. 17) through the eyes and heart of company President, Clive Mason as he takes what he learned as a former police officer — to respect and preserve his life and the lives of others — to create and bring a VSaaS solution to market with the goal of improving alarm management. In addition, ESA Member, Securitronics’ president, Terry Rivet, openly discusses embracing change, people, processes and their products, including a successful project example on page 20. 

No matter which issue of the publication — recent or past — taking time to engage with and learn from the pages of Security Nation is always time well spent.