Modern video intercom systems provide increased safety and security for tenants and property owners.

Modern video intercom systems provide increased safety and security for tenants and property owners.
Jillian Bateman — September 30, 2021

Many older multi-tenant residential buildings provide unique architectural accents and floor plans with a sense of history dating back to the early to mid 20th century. But just as you wouldn’t expect tenants to be happy using kitchen appliances as old as the building, you wouldn’t want to rely on a vintage analog intercom system to provide 21st century safety and security. Today’s property managers expect a state-of-the-art video intercom system to safeguard the wellbeing and interests of both tenants and property owners.


Intercom systems are parallelly aging with legacy buildings

Most multi-tenant residential buildings in major metropolitan areas of the United States already have an intercom system. However, most of these systems are not equipped with today’s technology to meet the safety needs or convenience expectations of building tenants.


A modern video intercom system has become an essential amenity

A modern video intercom system provides an added measure of security that tenants may need and deserve. Many property owners would be surprised to learn that a modern video intercom system not only provides better security but is increasingly viewed as a required amenity by tenants and may even help lead to more lease renewals.

ABB understands that tenants want to feel secure in their homes and property managers want their buildings to be viewed as safe by tenants and prospective tenants. The ABB Welcome® door entry system was designed to satisfy the needs of both tenants and property owners/managers by including state-of-the-art and user-friendly features that can be enabled to monitor visitor access from virtually anywhere


Safety and security

Now more than ever, safety and security are at the forefront of industry initiatives in the workplace, and individuals are also placing greater emphasis on safety and security in the home. A modern video intercom system elevates safety and security by providing a full-color video image to either an indoor panel or a mobile device app, so residents can clearly see who is at the door.  A simple press of a button allows the resident to speak directly to that person and decide whether to grant them access into the secured building.

A modern video intercom system also gives property managers the ability to check call logs to see who entered their building and when. With Wi-Fi connectivity, images are stored in the cloud with a timestamp of when a visitor initiated a call. This feature gives both property managers and tenants the peace of mind of recording a visual image of every visitor for later identification should the need arise.

The video intercom system can also work in conjunction with on-site building security acting as another direct point of contact in the event of an emergency. Property managers who employ live, on-site building security staff also have the option of installing a guard unit on the lobby floor. The SOS feature included in some indoor panels gives residents direct access to a person should an emergency occur and they find themselves in need of help.



Most legacy buildings use intercoms with a 2-wire bus system. New technologies make replacing an older analog intercom system easier as they are designed to serve retrofit or modern installations.

Manufacturers like ABB, offer online configurator tools to simplify the scaling of the system, providing a bill of materials to fit the precise scope of each project. No matter how large or small the building, modern video intercom systems can serve a range of buildings from duplexes to multi-floor high-rises with more than 100 units. In addition to scaling many floors and units, the system can also be configured for families or roommates who share a unit. Each tenant in the unit can have their own personal indoor panel located in the residence.


Modularity and functionality

Not every project is the same. That’s why, it is recommended to choose a modular door entry system that enables you to custom configure your video intercom system to meet your project’s specific needs.

Modularity can help control costs by selecting only the modules needed. For example, if you don’t need a card reader at your building, you can tailor the outdoor station to your liking, choosing among push-button or keypad options along with audio and video modules.


Peace of mind for property managers and tenants, and easy commissioning for installers

Most manufacturers understand the need to provide an affordable, high-quality video intercom system for the benefit of tenants, property managers, and security installers. A video door entry system should meet the heightened expectations of today’s tenants for safety, security, convenience, and ease of use — and of installers for simplicity of installation and configuration.


ABB Door Entry System offering

From a basic indoor 4.3-inch panel to the feature-rich and elegant 7-inch touch panel, the ABB Welcome® door entry system provides a solution designed to meet the demands and expectations for any video intercom system installation.

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