Jeff Butler to Advise Security Leaders About Winning the Talent War

Jeff Butler to Advise Security Leaders About Winning the Talent War
Electronic Security Association — August 2, 2021

The 2021 ESA Leadership Summit programming continues to get stronger! Adding to the two prior announcements where Dr. Ivan Joseph and Chad Porter were unveiled as keynote speakers for this year’s Summit — Jeff Butler now officially joins the line-up of keynoters set to take the event’s Main Stage.

Jeff Butler is the author of two books – The Authentic Workplace and The Key To The New You and has written over 100 articles on workplace dynamics. His insights have been featured in dozens of media outlets such as Forbes and HR News. In addition, he has appeared on TEDx stage in both 2016 and 2017 with talks focusing on psychology.

In his keynote titled, “Winning the Talent War,” Jeff will teach ESA Leadership Summit attendees how to attract and keep the best talent. If you have ever struggled to recruit and keep the right people for your team, this keynote is for you.

Talent is in peak demand. In order to stay competitive, companies have to change the way they view human capital. Butler will present case studies and data that can help you attract the best talent that many employers are chasing after.

Finding and retaining talent is a challenge faced by many companies nowadays. Jeff has learned strategies and concepts that will help you find talented employees that are skilled in their fields, and retain employees, keeping them employed at your business for longer periods of time.

Hiring new employees is not cheap, so retaining employees once they are hired can be a great way to save money and grow your business. According to Investopedia, it costs $4,129 and 42 days to hire a new employee.


Jeff Butler to Advise Security Leaders About Winning the Talent War


Jeff has studied and mapped out the employee lifecycle which includes hiring, managing, and retaining employees. All of these segments cover important areas where companies lose their talent: mistakes in the recruitment process and not changing managing styles according to a changing workplace.

Tactical strategies on workplace leaders and high-level theories are included so electronic security and life safety leaders will be able to guide their teams to talent victories. Acquiring the talent that your business needs can sometimes be a simple change — but it can also require you to view your company in a completely different paradigm.

In Jeff’s ESA Leadership Summit keynote, you will learn about the three phases of employee recruitment: attention, interest, and commitment, you will learn about the best practices of screening employees for maximum future performance, and you will learn techniques to spot effective succession planning.

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