It’s a Fact: Customer Service Matters More Than Ever Before

It’s a Fact: Customer Service Matters More Than Ever Before
Jillian Bateman — May 10, 2022


By Woodie Andrawos

The security monitoring market is evolving and growing. Recent reports suggest that the market will reach $55 billion by 2028. This exponential growth means we must remain focused on our primary goal to drive continued success. And that includes ensuring the safety and security of our account and providing outstanding customer service.

It sounds simple but for many companies it is not. Customer support needs to be a top priority in any — ALL — organization’s business plans. And it can’t be just good customer support – but exceptional customer support. Your customer experience and support strategies are as much of a differentiator as they are a necessity to retaining legacy customers, winning new customers, and building your brand. That’s why terms like “exceeding customer expectations” and “committed to customer service” have become familiar brand messaging points. But just how meaningful are those promises to actual customers? And how many companies follow through on their promises?

Customers expect a frictionless, positive experience. For brands, this fact raises the bar: customer service must now build and retain customer loyalty while cultivating new businesses looking for a company, they know will support them. Both have a direct and tangible impact on the bottom line.

At NMC, one of our top priorities is to provide exceptional customer service to our dealers and the businesses and residents that rely on us most. For us, excellent customer support means ensuring that every phone call is answered in two rings or less, with an actual person on the receiving end. We call it our Two-Ring Commitment, and we have a fantastic team of professionals available to assist you 24/7 to ensure your company’s needs are promptly met.

However, our commitment isn’t just answering in two rings. It’s a commitment to understanding our dealers’ needs and challenges. Post-pandemic, this has become more important than ever before. We don’t make empty promises to our customers; we make a concerted effort always to follow through. We are prepared to deliver on our promises to the dealers we service because genuinely exceptional service isn’t just a commodity; it’s a must-have.

Excellent service and support are also vital components of successful partnerships. In the security industry, monitoring providers must ensure that dealers trust their partner’s ability to protect and service a dealer’s customer base. Additionally, the service provider must have the right tools, advice, and capabilities to help their dealers achieve their business goals. A monitoring station should offer a full suite of interactive applications, technologies, and services so that the dealer can focus on servicing customers, selling additional add-ons, and driving new opportunities.

The foundation of our business is trust and customer relationships, and this has directly contributed to our success. For more than 20 years, the NMC team has demonstrated our commitment to helping our dealers — we consider ourselves an extension of their businesses and take this responsibility seriously by hiring, training, and equipping the best people, adopting and deploying the latest technologies, and working diligently to represent our dealers’ brands and solidify their customer relationships. As a result, NMC has been consistently named the independent dealer’s partner of choice for event-based and live video monitoring. And we fully expect to keep this title for years to come.

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