Industry Organizations SIA, SIAC and TMA Support ESA’s Resolution to Reduce False Alarms Dispatch by Adopting Technology

Industry Organizations SIA, SIAC and TMA Support ESA’s Resolution to Reduce False Alarms Dispatch by Adopting Technology
Electronic Security Association — May 25, 2023

ESA (the Electronic Security Association) has a long history of working with its members, other associations, and the public safety community to reduce false alarms. It’s an issue that urgently needs to be addressed.

One of the greatest threats to the electronic security and life safety industry is the high rate of false alarm dispatches. This threat can cause many problems, including jurisdictions to push for “non-response” or “verified response,” which would drastically alter the value and the operations of many security companies across the nation. 

Monitoring centers are investing in modern technology to partner with security industry pros to create a better solution for communicating with both their customers — and as a result, reduce attrition by meeting consumers where they are. People tend not to answer their phone if the number is unknown and are more likely to respond to text or chat.  

By using group chat for verification, monitoring center personnel are able to connect quickly with the customer and verify the alarm signal and in many cases, cancel the dispatch. By leveraging more effective communication methods, monitoring centers become more efficient, the public safety community will respond to far fewer false dispatches and, ultimately, subscribers are happier — which leads to lower attrition. 

ESA’s Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution last year to support efforts to reduce false alarms through more efficient and effective notification methods. The mission of ESA’s resolution is to encourage a mass adoption of this innovative alarm dispatch reduction technology, creating better communication with consumers in the way they connect during a potential emergency. 

The ability to directly message customers when verifying alarm signals is a significant enhancement that the ESA Board supports. ESA is pleased to report that today, they have the support of other significant industry voices, including, the Security Industry Association (SIA), the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) and The Monitoring Association (TMA). 

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