How Quality Values Led To Award Winning Quality Services: An EPS Journey

How Quality Values Led To Award Winning Quality Services: An EPS Journey
Jillian Bateman — August 3, 2022

The word “family” is one of the most loosely defined words in the English language because it means something different to everyone. Family is your parents, siblings, cousins, people of blood relation. For others, it is strong, bonded friendships you’ve accumulated over the years, and for some, it’s the people at EPS. 

What started as a small, modest, and local company in Michigan with just a handful of employees is now ranked as one of the top 30 largest security providers in the nation with over 200 employees, with three additional Michigan branch offices, and thousands of satisfied customers.  

But what was the driving force behind EPS’s incredible success? Was it a well-rounded business plan? Or was it their ability to never lose touch with what really matters and what truly makes a company successful – staying true to their core values? Since 1955, EPS has prided itself on providing stability, experience, skills, and technology both locally and nationally. All while maintaining an unmatched level of service that is seen throughout the industry, and their growth is a direct result of their commitment to their customers.  

Values & Beliefs 

For EPS, ensuring the safety and protection of their customers has and always will be their top priority. For a company that highly values the importance of family and taking care of one another, this should come as no surprise. They recently won two national Monitoring Center awards by The Monitoring Center Association, which recognizes a monitoring center that performs in the highest professional manner, making significant contributions to the alarm industry and the communities they serve. Applicants for the award are judged on categories such as training and education, employee recognition, use of technology, false alarm reduction, quality of records, disaster recovery plans, community involvement, and relations with public safety. EPS being the winner of this award goes to show how dedicated and committed the company is to its beliefs and values.  

A huge testament to their success is also seen in their long-term relationships with their customers. One of their customers holds a 50-plus year relationship with the company which proves that people will go and stay where they feel appreciated, valued, and taken care of. No other locally based security company has been succeeding in their service areas as long as they have. Their power and proficiency have earned them partnerships and relationships as preferred providers with the biggest names in security over the years. People put their trust in EPS, and it shows. 

Industry Challenges 

However, like in any industry, there are always certain challenges that must be faced. For EPS and many others in the security industry, it is “The Great Resignation”. But EPS, as a company that highly focuses on the care of its employees and technicians, is constantly looking for ways to improve its environment to ensure the happiness of all.

What is important to us is to retain our technicians, continue to train them in the latest and greatest and make sure they feel and know they have career growth, a trajectory.” says Erin Weber, Instructional Designer at EPS.

“And for EPS, it’s continuing to look for obvious opportunities within our local community and pushing our general border of service beyond that, expanding what we do in the center of the state with Lansing and moving eastward. So, of course, we’re always trying to grow.” continues Erin

How ESA Membership Addresses Those Challenges 

Despite EPS being a local company, they handle a multitude of national clients. As anyone in the industry knows, it can be hard to keep up, especially with a company like EPS that has grown exponentially with their customers. For smaller companies who might not have the resource, EPS plans to use ESA’s Continuing Education Course Bundles with their technicians.

“That’s the value, I think that I foresee ESA offering to the industry. ESA is building a catalog that is hitting more than just the technical technician side, but all the support services that go with that: the sales operations, the customer service and that is sometimes hard to find”. With the ESA membership, EPS can access several technical training courses for their technicians. “We’re happy to have ESA which has developed a strong program that meets our needs in a very timely fashion. That’s key.” We’re pleased to have EPS as an ESA member and look forward to the offerings they will bring to our network of security professionals.