Home Automation Unifies Security, Lighting and Network Control, Making Life Easier for a Busy, Young Australian Family

Home Automation Unifies Security, Lighting and Network Control, Making Life Easier for a Busy, Young Australian Family
Electronic Security Association — July 17, 2023

This three-story new construction home features a Control4 system as well as custom Triad speakers, delivering crystal clear sound and control throughout the residence.

When Australian integrator Life Style Store was referred to an extensive whole-home project located in Gladesville, Sydney, Snap One and Control4 were the obvious choice to meet the young family’s desire to control all elements of their home with a flexible, user-friendly system.

“This new 3-story home is the primary residence for the customer, so we wanted to ensure the technology was both simple enough for the whole family to use, but also sophisticated enough to keep them safe and comfortable,” said Aidan Cubis, Sales Manager at Life Style Store.

“The Control4 system we installed, including the remote access and one-touch scene commands, is the perfect complement to the homeowner’s lifestyle.”

Life Style Store worked with Snap One to divide the home into five zones – the Home Theater, the Living Room, Alfresco Dining, and Master Bedroom with Ensuite. The home theater includes a Control4 Home Controller and music streamer, as well as a Strong Set Top Box and Pakedge Network Switch that power the entire system.

The bright, spacious living room features a multi-room audio system with a Control4 EA1 V2 Home Controller and a Triad OnWall Micro Soundbar. The Alfresco Dining area is outfitted with a Control4 8 Zone Amplifier and its own separate Control4 Home Controller with a remote. The speakers deliver crystal clear sound in the bedroom and ensuite area – all of which can be managed by Control4. Each room can independently play different music at different volumes, or the rooms can be grouped together from the app.

Thanks to Control4, the homeowner can use security elements like cameras and access control to allow parties into the home without having to be there. One touch scene command allows for not only lighting selected areas, but night arming of the alarm in certain areas of the house.

“Control4 plays a key role in this stunning house, offering the ultimate home automation experience by making the electronic components and systems work together seamlessly,” said Control4 Product Marketing Manager Jacob Whipple.

“By integrating everything from lighting, security, music, and cameras, the homeowner can – with one touch – turn on the home theatre system, play music, or time when to open and shut the blinds.”

“Control4 allowed us to hide most components down in the basement. All that remained to be seen in the home are touchscreens, lighting keypads, and the grille of ceiling speakers in the room,” Cubis concluded. “A lot of detail went into creating the ultimate movie space while keeping the same aesthetic class as the rest of the home. The homeowner is absolutely thrilled with the fit and finish of the entire installation and the service that was provided.”

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