ESA’s National Training School Launches New Training as a Service (TaaS) Program

ESA’s National Training School Launches New Training as a Service (TaaS) Program
Jillian Bateman — June 13, 2019

ESA’s National Training School announced the launch of its new Training as a Service Program (Taas) last week at ESX in Indianapolis.

This member-only customizable training program is designed with two tracks to help security professionals develop the skills they need to apply at work, both directly after being hired and as they build up to 6-18 months of on the job tenure.

“ESA is extremely excited about the TaaS program,” says Michelle Yungblut, Chief Knowledge Officer of ESA.

“We always aim to deliver benefits to our members that will relieve pressure points — and strong onboarding and training is certainly something many struggle with. When you can deliver a customizable program that’s going to chart growth for new employees from their very first day and throughout their first year of employment, that’s powerful.”

ESA Systems Technician​ Program

The ESA Systems Technician path is designed for professionals with 0-6 months of experience and focuses on core industry knowledge, safety and employability skills.

ESA Systems Specialist Program 

The ESA Systems Specialist path, designed for professionals with 6-18 months of experience features more advanced technical courses and industry trend context.

Both training paths are built to include a subset of electives, to make the training customizable to your business objectives.

Benefits of TaaS

The new TaaS program promises to deliver training that is easy to use, easy to afford and easy to implement throughout member companies.

With five generations making up the workforce, there is no longer a “one size fits all” training delivery that is impactful.

Each generation has its own unique learning and communication styles, and with diverse courses including online pre-recorded and live instructor-led courses, the TaaS program is staged to deliver.

The program has been designed by industry professionals to bring the latest in security training and advancements. 

“The program was created with the guidance of 6 industry experts who have many years of experience training and on-boarding their companies’ new hires,” continues Yungblut. “They suggested topics that fit a variety of areas which they felt would have the biggest impact on getting their new hires fast tracked to attaining excellence in installation procedures.”

TaaS courses are offered through an online portal and status reports will help you track student progress.

To find out more about the TaaS Program, click here.