ESA Members Take Charge of 2021 SDM 100

ESA Members Take Charge of 2021 SDM 100
Jillian Bateman — May 19, 2021

For its 31st year of publication, the 2021 SDM 100 — a list compiled of the 100 largest security providers to measure consumer dollars gained by security companies — reflects results from top security companies during the COVID year of 2020 based on performance and ranked by recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

Of the 100 companies listed on the SDM 100 Report, 41 are ESA members and three companies — Securitas, Guardian Protection and Mountain Alarm — have various branch memberships with ESA, resulting in almost half of 2021 SDM 100 companies being ESA members.

In 2020, the overall RMR for ESA member companies on the list was approximately $483 million, accounting for 73% of total company RMR from the list.


ESA Members Take Charge of the 2021 SDM 100


Of the ESA Member companies that reported sales revenue from residential and non-residential installs, 2020 residential installs totaled approximately $588 million while non-residential installs totaled approximately $882 million.

ESA Member companies on the SDM 100 have over 500 locations with over 28,000 full time employees who serve approximately 9 million subscribers. The companies grossed over $7.9 billion during 2020, accounting for 73% of the total revenue generated from companies on the SDM 100 list. This is quite substantial considering ESA members only made up to 44% of the list.

This 12-month span was undeniably filled challenges specific business and the economic landscape challenges, yet most of the top security dealers stayed steady with some experiencing growth and presenting new opportunities to the market to stay relevant during erratic times. The data demonstrates the power of ESA membership and how impactful our members are within the industry. We share in our ESA Members’ celebration of success, and we are here to help and encourage each of our current as well as our future members.