ESA Members Dominate the SDM 100

ESA Members Dominate the SDM 100
Jillian Bateman — June 24, 2020

ESA’s member base consists of companies at every step of their growth, and this year the big ones made a strong showing on the most recent annual SDM 100 Report, which outlined performance in 2019 and ranked companies by RMR.

According to data on the SDM 100 Report web page, ESA’s 42 listed member companies represent more than $7.7 billion in gross revenue for 2019. Members accounted for 72% of the total revenue of companies on the SDM 100 list; an outsized portion of revenue considering that ESA members only made up 42% of the list.

Overall, ESA members on the list earned four times as much revenue from non-residential installs as they did from residential. In 2019, the overall percentage of revenue coming from RMR for ESA member companies on the list was 74%.

ESA member companies on the SDM 100 have 580 offices and 31,378 employees between them in total. That’s a big impact on the industry – and more than that, the numbers show that ESA members are efficient. The overall gross revenue per employee for ESA member companies on this list is $248,030 compared to just $170,046 for nonmember companies. That is about 46% more revenue per employee earned by these ESA member companies.

These figures show how impactful ESA members are in the industry, and how powerful an ESA membership can be. We are proud of our members and encourage them all to continue striving for excellence.

*This article was updated on June 26 to include more accurate calculations for the figures listed herein.