ESA Instructor of the Year 2023: Jim Mundy

ESA Instructor of the Year 2023: Jim Mundy
Electronic Security Association — September 27, 2023

ESA is proud to announce its Instructor of the Year for 2023: Jim Mundy.

In the realm of education, exceptional instructors play a pivotal role in shaping the future by imparting knowledge, instilling values, and igniting passion within their students. The Electronic Security Association (ESA) National Training School’s Instructor of the Year, Jim Mundy, stands as a shining example of dedication, expertise, and inspiration in the field of electronic security and life safety. “My first absolute love is teaching,” says Jim Mundy, President of Asset Protection Associates. “I began teaching at twelve years old, starting with archery, then later as a technical instructor in the military, eventually making my way to teaching in the electronic and life safety industry.” 

A Passion for Teaching & The Service Our Industry Provides 

Not only did Mundy begin teaching when he was twelve years old, he was also first introduced to the security industry. In the mid 1950s, a man in Jim’s neighborhood selling door-to-door heat detection systems, pitched thee product to Jim’s dad. A seed was planted, and young Jim became curious about fire detection technology. His school projects through elementary and high school often involved elements of fire alarm, security, and circuitry. Once Jim graduated from high school, he did a three-and-a-half-year apprenticeship in the burner boiler field. There he used circuits very similar to those used in fire alarm systems. Then Jim joined the military, where he became a circuitry instructor in the Air Force.  

After his time in the military, Jim taught classes at The City University of New York in the areas of HVAC controls, fire alarm and security. After spending thirty five years in corporate America 1999 he started his own company where he integrated building systems with a focus in fire alarms. Jim always found interest in the codes and standards for these processes in the industry. He decided to get involved in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee work and taught it for many organizations. Since 1992, Jim has been a dedicated ESA National Training School (NTS) Instructor.

“I love engaging with people and watching all the light bulbs come on. ESA does an excellent job teaching code through its programs. They work really hard to make it simple, so people understand it. Is is important to not make it complicated and instead make it meaningful. If you understand the concept and ideas, you can always read the code and the technical stuff.

Sales is Teaching

One thing that Jim noticed during his time as a sales manager was that the best salespeople he hired were individuals who had teaching degrees or equivalent experience.

“Sales is about teaching, not simply about selling a deal. It is a matter of communicating in a way that helps people understand what we are trying to provide them. If they don’t understand the idea, then you are going to have a bad sale.”

When asked about how he felt about being awarded ESA’s NTS Instructor of the Year award Jim answered, “The answer in short is “Wow!” I was very profoundly humbled and did not expect to receive this honor. The person for whom this award is named is Paul Barran. Paul and I worked together on licensing and training issues in New York State while I was Chair of the NYS Licensing Board.” 

3 Things That Make a Great Teacher 

Jim Mundy’s unwavering passion for teaching and his commitment to fostering an enriching learning experience characterize his journey as an instructor. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that his students not only grasp the technical aspects but also develop a deep understanding of its real-world applications and implications. His ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity and enthusiasm has earned him the admiration of countless students.  

The ability to inspire lifelong learning and personal growth marks an outstanding educator is one’s. By encouraging students to engage with the subject matter beyond the classroom, Jim Mundy fostered a sense of ownership and passion for each one’s own learning journey. In fact, Jim’s mantra, “A day without learning is a waste of twenty-four hours,” applies not only to training but to life in general. Jim Mundy’s impact extends far beyond the duration of his courses, as he instilled in his students a curiosity and eagerness to continue exploring and expanding their horizons. His tells everyone that each should not lose a sense of wonder. 

Additionally, ESA’s Instructor of the Year, Jim Mundy, emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability has equipped his students with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly changing field. Jim has contributed to the overall vitality of the security industry by producing well-rounded and forward-thinking professionals. 

ESA would like to thank Jim Mundy for his 60 years of service and excellence in instructing within the industry, and congratulate him on his upcoming retirement. 


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