Dr. Ivan Joseph to Help Security Pros Grow Grit within Their Teams at Leadership Summit

Dr. Ivan Joseph to Help Security Pros Grow Grit within Their Teams at Leadership Summit
Riley Hoogendoorn — July 19, 2021


Dr. Ivan Joseph, who gave a record-setting TEDx Talk which was viewed over twenty-two million times, was named the NAIA #1 Coach of the Year, wrote a best-selling book, and has spoken to audiences around the world, will be a keynote speaker at the 2021 Leadership Summit. His motivational presentations help individuals and teams to deflect distractions, grow grit, and maximize their momentum and potential.

Dr. Ivan Joseph’s keynote will be about building a high-performance team. When teams thrive, they elevate everyone to a level they did not know was possible. When teams struggle, they create challenges that limit performance.

Ivan shares funny and moving stories, research-based insights, and inspires leaders and teams to achieve their goals. In this fast-paced, interactive session, leaders gain insights and techniques to formulate common values and sense of purpose, create team cohesion (the foundation of elite team performance), and set higher goals to achieve new levels of performance.

What does it take for a team to excel? How do you create a culture of excellence? How do you build a high-performing team?

NAIA National Coach of the Year Ivan Joseph cracked the code. He led a tiny college in Iowa to win a national soccer championship. He led a marginal university athletic program to national prominence. And that is why he’s invited to speak on stages around the world.

The 2021 ESA Leadership Summit, being held Oct 4-7 in Frisco, TX, is welcoming some inspiration to its Main Stage — as it kicks off four days of networking, education and best practice-sharing all aimed at growing electronic security and life safety leadership teams.

“Like a fine-tuned athlete firing on all cylinders, Ivan Joseph is a 21st century thinker, strategist, and simply the best motivational individual I have ever worked with.” -Barry Avrich

Clients from a wide spectrum rely on Ivan to help them improve their businesses, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, agriculture. His lessons in business can teach you how to improve confidence, which is important to having a successful career.

“Ivan knocked it out of the park: genuine, honest, funny, engaging and totally not-canned! He has the ability to share a story and take you on a journey with him. Ivan empowered attendees to go for more, get uncomfortable and chase your passions. There were lessons in his talk, and by the end, the attendees were totally inspired to move forward in their respective lives. -Sangeeta Bhatnagar

Ivan’s focus on building high-performance teams helps businesses thrive. He understands that struggling teams create challenges that limit performance. The lessons taught in this keynote will teach you what you need to do to build a great team that can accomplish many great things.

This year’s Leadership Summit can change the course of your business forever, offering crucial business lessons and networking opportunities that are not found anywhere else. The future of your business in the electronic security and life safety industry will greatly benefit from the 2021 Leadership Summit.

If you haven’t grabbed your pass for the 2021 Leadership Summit yet, click here to do so. The early-bird special ends on July 30th. You might as well save money since you are already planning on attending.

Sponsorship of this main stage session is available. Contact Jessica.DaCosta@esaweb.org or download the 2021 ESA Leadership Summit Sponsor Prospectus for more information.

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