Don McInnis Named 2020 Instructor of the Year

Don McInnis Named 2020 Instructor of the Year
Jillian Bateman — October 8, 2020

Last week, during the virtual Leadership Summit, Don McInnis was named the ESA National Training School Instructor of the Year. McInnis began teaching for the ESA National Training School in 1987, and throughout his 33 years of instructing, he has shared his passion for learning with countless students.

The Instructor of the Year award was dedicated by ESA in 2011 as a deserving tribute to Paul F. Baran for his longtime commitment to the electronic life safety and security industry.

Recipients of the Instructor of the Year award in honor of the late Paul F. Baran exhibit evidence of ongoing education and professional development, a constructive philosophy toward the alarm profession, high personal standards technology, proficiency and the ability to convey advanced technical sales, and business concepts gained through professional experience.

Baran’s dedication to training and certification was an inspiration to all who knew him. An avid supporter of the industry, he devoted his energy and expertise to elevating its level of professionalism.

McInnis exemplifies the qualities that made Baran so instrumental in the success of the ESA National Training School.

“I’m so humbled after working in the industry for 47 years and counting, to be honored this award and have my name associated with Paul F.  Baran,” says McInnis.

McInnis has been a crucial asset to the National Training School team and to many students nationwide. Through live and virtual classes, McInnis offers the latest techniques to ever-evolving industry trends. The National Training School not only notes his work ethic, but his volunteerism to the ESA program.

“In my time at ESA, Don has been a helpful advisor and champion for the training program. He is always the first to volunteer to help with course developments or updates or to research a tricky question,” says Michelle Yungbult, ESA Chief Knowledge Officer. “We always have faith that Don will be there to help, and to also provide training that is of the utmost quality.”

When he was presented the award, McInnis highlighted the importance of training in the life safety and security industry.

“I really want to emphasize and say invest in your folks, invest in training and take advantage of that membership you have with ESA,” says McInnis.  “Invest in your people because it comes back wholeheartedly.”

Congratulations, Don!