Dive Into Summer with ESA’s July Savings

Dive Into Summer with ESA’s July Savings
Electronic Security Association — July 3, 2023

Summer is a season synonymous with warmth, freedom and joy. It represents a time to escape the daily grind and embrace the carefree spirit of fun. The possibilities for enjoyable activities seem endless, whether it’s lounging on sandy beaches, picnicking in lush parks, or embarking on exciting journeys overseas.

This July, ESA’s new and exclusive member deals offer an ideal opportunity to bond with friends and family, creating lasting memories through shared experiences. From fourth of July parties, watching fireworks, engaging in water sports at the lake, organizing barbeques to going on road trips and exploring nature – find everything and more with ESA’s Member Savings Program. With ESA’s deals, there is no shortage of exciting adventures to undertake together.  

A huge perk of being employed by an ESA Member Company, your employees can get access to our Employee Rewards program. Leverage the program as an additional employee benefit and share the savings with your staff.

Here are some current and exclusive holiday deals that you can take advantage of as an ESA Member on all season savings for the month of July:

  • Save 35% on Orlando Member Discounts
  • Save up to $34 on Disneyland Tickets
  • Get up to 60% off on Hotels
  • Get up to 60% off PLUS $20 off on Flights
  • Save 30% and get 3% cashback on Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Up to 20% off Wyndham Hotels
  • 15% off Clarins Skincare
  • Up to 50% off and more on Omaha Steaks
  • Get up to 15% off Ray Bans Eyewear
  • Up to 30% off MLB Tickets
  • Up to 25% off National Car Rental
  • 30% off AllTrails + Annual Subscription
  • Up to 20% off Comedy Show Tickets
  • Up to 40% off New Nike Markdowns
  • Save up to $1,250 on Member Boat Buying Program

ESA’s Member Savings Program also offers a business savings program. Save your company on bottom-line expenses like payroll software, credit card processing, office supplies, fuel, and more.

Login to your MyESA account and click EMPLOYEE REWARDS or BUSINESS SAVINGS to start saving!

To become an ESA Member and receive access to these one-of-a-kind discounts, talk to one of our membership specialists about starting an application: https://esaweb.org/membership/