Andrew Nesky — ESA’s 2021 Instructor of the Year

Andrew Nesky — ESA’s 2021 Instructor of the Year
Riley Hoogendoorn — November 3, 2021

“I touch the future. I teach.”
— Christa McAuliffe


The Instructor of the Year award was dedicated by ESA in 2011 as a deserving tribute to Paul F. Baran for his commitment to the electronic security and life safety industry. The award recognizes some of the most vital individuals in the industry — those who train, mentor and inspire the future of the industry.

The 2021 ESA National Training School Instructor of the Year award goes to Andrew Nesky. Nesky has been involved in electronic security for 47 years and throughout those years, has developed a passion for learning and sharing knowledge with countless students.

Recipients of the Instructor of the Year award, in honor of the late Paul F. Baran, exhibit evidence of ongoing education and professional development, a dedication to the alarm profession, high personal standards, proficiency, and the ability to convey advanced technical sales and business concepts gained through professional experience.

Nesky’s dedication to training and certification has inspired many who know him. As a supporter of the electronic security industry, he devotes much of his energy and expertise to training the next era of electronic security and life safety integrators.

Nesky holds the qualities that made Paul F. Baran so instrumental in the success of the ESA National Training School, a platform created to push the industry forward.

In response to receiving this honorable reward, Nesky responded with humility and gratitude.

“The trophy is engraved with Paul Baran’s name, it’s in his memory the award is offered. Paul was a friend and mentor, in the earliest days of ESA’s National Training School he was a pioneer and motivating force. He was one of the people key to my beginnings as an ESA National Training School trainer,” Andy Said. “I’ve never met anyone who was more competent, intelligent, energetic, and inspiring about his passion for the security industry.”

Andy continued to say, “Paul was smart, experienced, educated, compassionate and diverse. He’s everything a good teacher needs to be. ESA’s National Training School is not about standing in front of a group of people and lecturing them (any computer can do that). It’s about their education. You can’t do that unless you are concerned with the fact that your students are diverse human beings with different abilities and the awareness of the fact that you have been given the deep honor and responsibility to help them learn.”

Nesky has been crucial to the National Training School team and to thousands of students nationwide. Through live and virtual classes, Nesky teaches the newest techniques and technologies to the always-advancing security industry. ESA’s National Training School not only notes his work ethic, but his volunteerism to the ESA program.

With 47 years of experience in the electronic security and life safety industry, Nesky has plenty of advice for future security integrators.

“Don’t stop learning, if you aren’t a self-learner this field isn’t for you. Make your trips to the expos and conferences… involve yourself with the national code revisions… take the manufacturer’s training because the cutting edge appears there years before we can get it into the curriculum,” Nesky tells future electronic security integrators, “NTS is a solid bedrock, a starting point – but if you want to be a true professional your prerogative should be to figure out how to improve what is common and make what’s new practical.”

ESA would like to thank Andy Nesky for his hard work, perseverance, skill, and achievements in the electronic security industry. Training the next era of integrators is no easy task, but he works hard to make sure his students are equipped with the certifications and licensure needed to excel in the electronic security industry.

Congrats, Andy!

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