Access Control Professionals: Teaming Up with Amazon Could Help You Earn More

Access Control Professionals: Teaming Up with Amazon Could Help You Earn More
Jillian Bateman — September 29, 2020

Amazon Key for Business is a one-click access delivery solution that offers a convenient, contactless way for multi-unit building and gated community customers to receive Amazon deliveries.

As an Access Control Professional who works with Amazon, you’ll have control over who your clients are, and where you work. You’ll get paid every time you successfully complete a Key for Business installation for one of your customers, who’ll enjoy easier, more efficient Amazon deliveries. It’s that easy.


Delivery reinvented

Key for Business simplifies how Amazon drivers access secure multi-unit apartment buildings and gated communities, and gives them the ability to deliver Amazon packages autonomously, without help from building staff.

Building owners and managers love Key for Business. And now is the perfect time to have it installed, since it’s never too early to get ready for the holidays (and all those holiday packages).

Here’s how Key for Business helps:

1. It eliminates their need to maintain staff onsite during Amazon’s broad, 7-day-per-week delivery window.

2. It can reduce the time staff spends managing packages, and gives them more time to focus on keeping residents happy.

3. It enables social distancing by eliminating drivers’ need to interact with building staff, touch a callbox, or wait outside for access.

4. Residents are more satisfied, because package delivery accuracy goes up, and failed delivery attempts go down.

5. The Key for Business device, maintenance, and installation are all free of charge.


Teaming up with Amazon is a win-win

Every time you successfully complete a Key for Business installation, you’ll earn a commission and your customers will enjoy faster, easier Amazon deliveries.

You’ll be able to promote your affiliation with Amazon on your website, too, which can help elevate your brand, and expand your offerings to current and future customers at no cost to you. You’ll also boost your customers’ satisfaction by helping them save time and money.

Here’s what one of our Access Control Professional partners, Utilities One, had to say about Key for Business:

“Utilities One is proud of being part of the Amazon Key for Business project. Implementing a system with a higher security makes our customers more gratified and trustful, and this makes us take pride in what we do. Bringing upbeat experiences for customers is our number one target.”

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