Your Customers Want This Type of Video Surveillance Solution – 4 Reasons Why!

Your Customers Want This Type of Video Surveillance Solution – 4 Reasons Why!
Jillian Bateman — February 24, 2020

By: Mitch Mershon, Medium Business Program Manager, Axis Communications, Inc.

Customers invest in video surveillance solutions for many reasons. Whether they want to monitor their business 24/7, prevent theft, increase safety or improve productivity, video surveillance solutions provide value to any type of customer.

With so many video surveillance solutions on the market, it can be difficult to know which solution to offer your customers. Make your decision easier by choosing a solution that has everything they want; a solution that works perfectly together, a solution that’s simple, a solution that can scale, a solution with quick resolution of any problems. What type of video surveillance solution checks all these boxes? The answer is an end-to-end solution!

End-to-end video surveillance solutions provide all components from one manufacturer – cameras, recorders, software, door stations, audio solutions and more. Let’s dig into the top four reasons why your customers want end-to-end solutions, they just might not know it yet.


1. Perfectly matched for optimal performance

A solution should be greater than the sum of its parts, so imagine how frustrating it would be to invest in a video surveillance solution only to have the individual components not work well together. To guarantee optimal performance, it’s best to stick with the same manufacturer throughout, as all products are designed to work together. It might be tempting to mix-and-match, especially if some products say they are compatible with other manufacturers’ hardware or software, but you’ll risk not getting the best out of every component.


2. Simple to operate and maintain

From installation to daily operation to maintenance, a video surveillance solution shouldn’t create added headaches or stress. Most likely, your customers aren’t video surveillance experts. They will love the simplicity of an end-to-end solution, as it provides them straightforward operation and streamlined maintenance. You’ll even benefit from quick installation and configuration. Know what to expect throughout every step of the process.


3. Grows with changing needs

It doesn’t matter if your customer is a small one-store business or a large multi-location enterprise. If they’re unable to grow their video surveillance solution and adapt it to their changing needs, they’ll have to replace their entire solution when they add a new location or want to expand their solution’s capabilities. Prevent that scenario with end-to-end solutions, as they’re scalable. You can add products, analytics, software features and new locations to their solutions whenever they’d like.


4. One single point of contact

This might be the most overlooked benefit of an end-to-end solution. If there’s a problem or question, you only need to contact one manufacturer. This makes the resolution time is significantly shorter, as the manufacturer is knowledgeable about every product within the solution. I don’t think your customers would complain about minimizing down time!


At first glance, an end-to-end video surveillance solution might not seem superior to mixed solutions. In reality, these four benefits add so much value for both you and your customers. Their decision to invest in a video surveillance solution will be a no-brainer when you offer them an end-to-end solution.

If you’re not sure where to start with end-to-end video surveillance solutions, start by looking into Axis end-to-end solutions for surveillance. You can create a flexible and customizable solution with AXIS Camera Station network video recorders (pre-loaded with software licenses), cameras, door stations, audio solutions and more!