Your Access Control Needs To Do Everything

Your Access Control Needs To Do Everything
Jillian Bateman — April 21, 2020

When ISC West 2020 was postponed, the Security Industry lost one of its most important opportunities for Access Control Education. However, the need for good information hasn’t ceased, and Keri is continually fielding questions about not only our own products, but also access control applications in a wide variety of industries. 

In our current, unusual global atmosphere, customers from all walks are discovering an ever-increasing need for advanced security. The past ten years of development in access control have brought a plethora of offerings to the table, not all of which work very well together to create a consolidated solution. Customers are likely to encounter a rather confusing mass of intertwined technologies, where duplication and inefficiency abound.  

After 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned a thing or two about what will last and serve business’ needs for many years to come. We educate our potential customers and encourage them to find products that are purpose-driven to address the future market’s expectations.  In other words, don’t just pick color and style, insist on performance.

Access Control truly needs to be able to do “everything,” in order to serve customers current and future security needs. This is not a task with an easy solution, but Keri Systems embraces change. We stay ahead of the curve through our own products, but we also focus on securing the cooperation of industry leaders; this two-pronged approach brings a larger range of quality product offerings and integrations to the market.  

By engaging in strategic partnerships and creating systems that compliment one another, we bring the best of flexibility and adaptability to our customers and Corporate Partners’ table.  We’re currently integrated with a select list of the best companies in the business including Allegion, Comelit, Savance, The LOT group, Milestone, Ganz, I-Lockers, NeverFail, etc.  Our purpose is clear; we provide whatever is necessary to secure the assets of any company, regardless of size or style.

Our current integrations provide Keri customers with capabilities in Video Integration, Wireless Lock Support, Visitor Management, Video Intercom, Pedestrian turnstiles, Elevator control and a host of other technologies.  This synergy keeps our products relevant today and ensures they will remain so in the future. 

Keri has the distinction of being one of the only access control manufacturers to interface with all the wireless lock products that Allegion produces. Our alliance brings digital management to their wireless lock offerings, and important capabilities to our joint customers.  Along with Allegion, our integrations with Comelit, Milestone and others, enable end-to-end solutions to virtually all of the multi-family and multi tenant marketplace.

These changes are especially important as we see current demographics rapidly morphing toward the lifestyles and requirements of millennials and active professionals.  This includes the world of multi-tenant housing, both permanent and temporary, which is growing at a breakneck pace. This growth necessitates technology to satisfy a growing population of savvy tenants who want to manage their security from their pocket, or at a minimum, from their computer.

For more than 30 years, Keri has done a particularly good job of designing systems that cater to multi-tenant and multi-use facilities.  Going back to our early PXL Products, Keri’s strong representation and diligent support to the high-density populations in the North East have kept Keri products in the forefront of this lucrative and influential market.  Consequently, Keri has enjoyed a very strong following from the property managers in New England and particularly in New York.

To compliment our ongoing work, we’re especially looking forward to formally announcing our upcoming Cloud releases; the most current and prominent of which, Confluence has already been deployed on numerous projects.  Keri’s Confluence is currently managing thousands of Allegion wireless lock products on multiple sites.  This is just a single instance of a multi-legged approach to Keri’s SAAS Cloud solutions. The second leg will be named Borealis and will be used to manage Keri controllers via the cloud, again as a service.  All of this will be managed under Aetheros, Keri’s SAAS Web Portal.

Whatever future the Security Industry faces, Keri Systems will not lose sight of our goal for quality, relevancy and real Access Control.

You can stay on top of happenings at Keri, partner announcements and Access Control news at and through our Customers Relations App, available on both Apple and Android products. 

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