Why Every Employee Needs Cybersecurity Training

Why Every Employee Needs Cybersecurity Training
Jillian Bateman — February 14, 2020

Every click and key we press can expose ourselves and our companies to enormous repercussions. These exposures range from an employee saying something offensive on social media, to an employee being hacked and exposing the customer and company data to a breach.

We have all seen the headlines and heard about the high-profile cases of embarrassing mishaps, but most companies are being impacted by employee’s cyber slipups. According to Code 42’s 2018 Data Exposure Report, 61% of Chief Information Officers say their company had some sort of breach in the past 18 months.

Human behavior is a leading cause for digital exposure, thus training plays a crucial role in preventing snafus.

However, only 31% of employees receive cybersecurity training and education on an annual basis – according to the 2019 Chubb Cyber Risk Survey

To help our members better protect themselves, ESA’s National Training School has launched its Cyberthreat Preparedness course – a comprehensive course that provides learners with digital ethics guidance and cybersecurity training.

The four-hour online course covers topics on malware, types of breaches and attacks, social networking security and extensive prevention information for mobile devices, software and general practices.

One of the biggest benefits of training all employees on digital ethics is they will understand that protecting the company’s digital and financial assets are not just the responsibility of the IT staff, but a team sport that includes everyone, including the c-suite folks.

ESA will be providing bulk purchase discounts for the Cyberthreat Preparedness course to help companies economically train all their team members. Visit courses.esaweb.org to see more about this course and other training available from NTS.