Top 5 add-ons to boost your revenue with end-to-end surveillance solutions

Top 5 add-ons to boost your revenue with end-to-end surveillance solutions
Jillian Bateman — August 18, 2020

By: Mitch Mershon, Business Development Manager, End to End Solutions, Axis Communications, Inc.

Are you getting the most business out of your surveillance projects? With end-to-end surveillance solutions you aren’t limited to just the essential components – cameras, a recording solution, and video management software. You can increase the value of a solution and boost your revenue by offering additional components and enhancements.

The top five add-ons for end-to-end surveillance solutions are entry management solutions, network I/O relay modules, network audio solutions, analytics, and video monitoring through central station integration. Let’s dig into each add-on opportunity and the value they provide to both you and your customers.

1. Entry management solutions – Taking control of entrances

Your customers want to have control over who can come into their property. While there are many devices that can do this, when they’re integrated with a surveillance solution, they can deliver so much more value. With a network video door station, your customers can be easily notified when someone is at an entryway and presses a button to request entry. From there, your customer can view the visitor through the built-in camera, talk to the visitor with two-way audio, and grant or deny access with the push of a button – all without having to stand up from their PC. These actions can even be performed from a mobile app if your customer wants to manage their location while on the go. The convenience and efficiency of an entry management solution is an invaluable add-on for any customers that have many visitors or deliveries on a regular basis.

2. Network I/O relay modules – Improving solutions with enhanced communication

Network I/O relay modules can extend the functionality between a surveillance product and other systems in a building. A relay module can be configured to trigger actions depending on the signal it receives. For example, an I/O output from a burglar alarm panel can trigger the video management software to record at a higher resolution, trigger a notification in the interface, then trigger another I/O relay module to turn on a light. Network I/O devices are a great add-on to a surveillance solution if your customer has a lot of existing infrastructures and they want their solutions to operate together in a smarter, more effective way.

3. Network audio solutions – Enhancing security

Instead of waiting to see video evidence after an event has occurred, use network audio products to deter unwanted activity. Whether triggered manually by a guard or automatically with video analytics, a network audio solution allows for both live and pre-recorded messages to be played, letting potential threats know they’re being watched. On average, customers with network audio solutions experience a 30% reduction in crime, 80% less shrinkage, and a 90% drop in theft and vandalism. In addition to active deterrence, your customers can benefit from transmitting public announcements or background music. Another great benefit of network audio is that it eliminates the need for the many pieces and parts a traditional analog system requires (i.e. mixers or amplifiers), as everything is in one comprehensive network device. This can save customers money and make your team’s installation simple and easy.

4. Analytics – Making security proactive and businesses more intelligent

At first thought, analytics might seem daunting, as there’s a large variety of analytics out there and some can be complex. Analytics are worth offering as an add-on when your customers want their solution to detect and deter in a proactive manner. A simple analytic that most businesses can benefit from is motion detection. Your customers might have an area that’s off limits during certain hours of a day. The analytic can be configured to detect any intrusions and trigger an alarm, send a notification to a guard or play a pre-recorded audio message. Analytics can save customers time and resources, and they can provide strong peace of mind.

5. Video monitoring through central station integration – Enabling remote alarm video verification

Some video management software integrates with central stations to provide the opportunity for video monitoring and alarm verification. This is a valuable add-on when your customers prefer that someone else monitors their location after hours. In addition, you can benefit from recurring monthly revenue if your business offers a video monitoring service. If this is the route your customer wants to go, it’s imperative to choose a video management software that allows for integration so the functionalities of the end-to-end solution are consolidated in one platform for optimal performance.

These five add-ons are great to have in your portfolio, as even adding just one of them to a project can elevate the value of a surveillance solution and maximize your revenue. By offering an end-to-end surveillance solution from a trusted provider, you’ll have confidence knowing that the solution will deliver day in and day out for you and your customers. Interested in learning about Axis end-to-end solutions? Discover the simplicity here.