Top 3 Trends to Expect in 2020 for the Managed Services Industry

Top 3 Trends to Expect in 2020 for the Managed Services Industry
Jillian Bateman — November 20, 2019

By Mike King, Hosted Services Manager, Axis Communications

Believe it or not, another year is almost over. Looking back, it was a successful year for the managed services industry. There were a couple of significant trends that really stood out, such as an added emphasis of IT management involvement in decision making for IT security devices and the demand for secure communications.

More and more IT managers are given budgets to support managed service opportunities, which shows just how important it is for the industry to work closer with IT. In addition, there was an increasing demand from end customers for secure communications. Customers expect managed services to be secure, so there’s a greater weight on security when selecting services to offer.

The industry will continue to grow and shift through 2020. What can we expect? Here’s a glimpse into the top three trends within the managed services industry.


1. Increased focus on ease of use

Most of us place a high importance on simplicity and usability when choosing services, and manufacturers have been taking note, especially as we’re consumers ourselves. In 2020, more customers will desire all applications under a “single pane of glass,” meaning clean, logical and intuitive graphical user interfaces designed for seamless navigation. In addition, simplified security measures will start to become more prevalent, such as single sign-on. It’s all about improved user experience.


2. Modernized security measures

Next year, we can expect managed services to leap into present-day times by adding modernized security measures. Single sign-on and two-factor authentication are commonplace in our everyday online transactions, so customers are beginning to expect these measures no matter which service they use. Managed services will be catching up to meet the growing demand for these newer security measures.


3. More educational opportunities

Next year will present a huge window of opportunity for learning. With the introduction of new features and functionalities, it’s the responsibility of manufacturers to inform and train their customers so they can meet the demands of the end customer. Educational opportunities will continue to become more available and required.


These three trends will positively shape the managed services industry throughout 2020. Customer demand is driving substantial changes to existing offerings, so staying on top of new developments is critical, especially because they will help boost your success.

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