The Fantastic Four Qualities of a Hero

The Fantastic Four Qualities of a Hero

Heroes do certain things better than everyone else. They show up with a different mindset and focus. Specifically, I noticed four fantastic qualities that are evident every time a hero shows up: One: Heroes help people-with no strings attached. 

Everyone comprehends that heroes help people. We understand on some level that helping others is a key ingredient to success in life. We have heard from many sources that serving others is the pathway to making a difference and creating wealth. Yet, even though we are taught this idea of servanthood, it has been my experience that most people actually don’t get it.

I have observed that most people try to be helpful to the extent that it’s worth their anticipated return on investment. They evaluate if it is worth their time and attention to give something more for a greater something in return. In other words, there is a motive. There’s quid pro quo. It is conditional upon another person’s action. Many people bargain, negotiate, and work an angle to get what they want. Heroes don’t do that.

Heroes help people … with no strings attached. No pretense. No conditions. No agreement. No contingencies.

Heroes approach their work and their life very differently. They bring a passion and a focus on the outcome for their customer, student, co-worker, and friend that is different from almost everyone else. They are not caught up in transacting business. They are deeply caught up, however, in transforming moments and leaving the people they serve wanting more.

Heroes step up and deliver excellence every single time, and because of this, their fans evangelize their story to the rest of the world. In business, they drive new customers and more business to heroes again and again and again.

You can become the hero whom people yearn to be around because they know that you operate with a “no strings attached” mindset.

Two: Heroes create an exceptional experience for the people they serve. 

Heroes make life better. They simplify things and are easy to do business with. Heroes know that the easier it is to do business with them, the harder it is for the competition to take their customers. Heroes dominate the emotional space between their customer’s head and their heart. They know that if they make an emotional connection, people will fight to find the logic to support their decision to do business with you.

Exceptional service is worth going out of my way to invest my time and money with someone who is amazing at their job. That is what I want for my business, and it’s what I want for my personal life with my friends and family: to be the only choice; to be the obvious choice. Isn’t that what you want?

The Non-negotiables
The number one thing that keeps you from being your best is your decision to be ordinary. Deciding to show up and be like everyone else. Deciding to do the minimum required to get by.

A hero is an extraordinary person who chooses not to be ordinary.

If you want to be your very best, then decide on your non-negotiable. A non-negotiable mindset deals in absolutes—the things that won’t be compromised—there is no bending or flexing. The things that you refuse to sacrifice at any price.

What do you stand for? Decide what will not be compromised in your life. Decide how others will define their experience with you. Decide your own operational philosophy for life that will reach beyond your professional life and into everything you do.

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