Tech to Drive Efficient Experience at Leadership Summit

The ESA Leadership Summit will use advanced meeting scheduling technology to drive its strategically efficient experience in January. The ESA Leadership Summit will use technology to drive its strategically efficient experience in January. Delivering its highest return on investment, the event will match and propose meetings among vendors and integration/monitoring executives alike in advance of the event — offering suggestions and searching capabilities by markets served, interests, product categories and more.

Attendees will have the ability to access their schedules on desktop and mobile to arrange meetings with other leaders based on these areas of interest and expertise.

This helps attendees get the most out of their experience by reducing (if not eliminating) meetings between people looking for different things. An executive looking for more information about automation can search by this tag to find vendors offering automation systems or speak with other attendees who have experience implementing automation into their current traditional security offer.

Attendees can also add sessions, networking events and meals to their own customizable schedule. At a glance they can see what they have upcoming and make plans accordingly.

All of these conveniences are part of what makes Leadership Summit the strategically efficient event for leaders in our industry. By reducing the friction caused by scheduling conflicts, dropped meetings and mismatches, this tool enables leaders to stay focused on what matters – building their businesses and moving the industry forward.

Access to the meeting scheduling tool will be launched in January for all registrants. Register today at