Save 15% on 12 Hour CEU Bundles through September

Save 15% on 12 Hour CEU Bundles through September
Electronic Security Association — August 18, 2023

ESA’s National Training School’s 12-Hour CEU Course Bundles provide training that spans across service, video, safety, workplace, and other topics. Below is the list of our  available 12 Hour CEU bundles in September.

12 Hour CEU Bundle- Workplace Focused

This bundle will cover civility, diversity, harassment, and violence in the workplace, as well as conflict resolution and creative problem solving.

12 Hour CEU Bundle – Service & Safety Focused

Learn the ins and out of customer support, including how to handle difficult customers, as well as life safety and occupancies. The bundle also covers Job Safety and how to reduce alarms and includes a Codes and Standards Refresher with NEC.

12 Hour CEU Bundle- Video, AV, and Wireless Focused

Wireless Systems 101, 102, and 103 are included in this bundle, as well as courses on video auxiliary equipment, system design, and recording. You’ll also learn how to better manage your time and troubleshoot video surveillance systems.

12 Hour CEU Bundle – Networking Focused

Familiarize yourself with network setup and administration, learning how data transmission works and how to troubleshoot networks as well as various protocols and hardware types.

The bulk of this bundle is in learning the practical application of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. You’ll also learn how to carry out basic troubleshooting and testing. The bundle includes a Job Safety Reminders course.

12 Hour CEU Bundle – Residential Fire Focused

This bundle includes the Residential Fire Alarm CEU and Life Safety and Occupancies. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot using test equipment.

12 Hour CEU Bundle – Networking/Digital Home Blend

Learn the fundamentals of networking, ethical client relations, and methods for false alarm reduction. This bundle also includes a Codes and Standards Refresher, Job Safety Reminders, and an introduction to the digital home.

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NOTE: When purchasing a bundle, make sure that you have not taken any of the courses during your current 2 year renewal cycle.